The Speedway Motors T-Bucket Kits Assembly Manual Review

Speedway Motors T-Bucket Assembly Manual

We thought a brief review of the new Speedway Motors T-Bucket Assembly Manual was in order because not only is it of interest to prospective T-Bucket builders but we’ve also noticed that there is some confusion regarding the publication.

Total Performance 1923 T-Bucket Assembly Manual

Just so there isn’t any confusion, it is not the same thing as the old Total Performance 1923 T-Bucket Assembly Manual. That misconception has persisted, despite Speedway being quite clear in their description of the manual: This all-new manual shows you how to assemble one of our T-bucket or ’27 T kits. It’s full of photos and step-by-step instructions to clearly illustrate the construction process. If you’re considering a T-bucket purchase, you can purchase this manual first to see what it takes to build it yourself. The manual’s price is fully refundable with the purchase of a ’23 or ’27 T kit.

To be more specific, the Assembly Manual guides one through how to assemble the various components that are part of one of the four Speedway chassis kits: the ’23 Basic T, the ’23 Nostalgia T, the Deluxe ’23 and the Deluxe ’27. It does not cover the new Speedway Tribute T-Bucket kit, which we have covered in an earlier post and which uses a different frame, steering and suspension elements.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

– Introduction
– Before You Begin: Guidelines and Necessary Supplies

1. Front Suspension: Hairpin and Four Bar
2. Rear Suspension: Rear Axle Information, Coil Spring, Traditional Coilover and Triangulated Coilover
3. Squaring the Chassis
4. Front Spindles
5. Steering

6. Brakes: Front, Rear, Master Cylinder and Brake Lines
7. Add-Ons and Options

The overall Assembly Manual is 92 pages in a convenient looseleaf binder and, like all Speedway printed materials, is very professionally done with many color photographs illustrating how its done.

Speedway Motors T-Bucket Assembly Manual Sample Page

The first 57 pages of the Manual cover assembly, while the Add-Ons and Options section is a collection of 35 catalog pages of parts that one might consider using when building a T-Bucket. In essence, the Assembly Manual guides you through the chassis assembly, using the components provided by Speedway in the chassis kits, up to the stage where you should have a “roller”. (Of course, this is an ideal spot for us to put in a plug for Chester Greenhalgh’s “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000”, which will serve as a very nice complement because it shows you how to do everything else to actually get your T-Bucket completed and running).

The Speedway T-Bucket Assembly Manual isn’t intended to be a blueprint showing how to build a T-Bucket from scratch and we mention that because, knowing human nature, people are eager to jump to their own conclusions unless they know otherwise. Overall, the new Speedway Motors T-Bucket Assembly Manual is the documentation you would expect to receive when you purchase a T-Bucket chassis kit from them and it is very well done. And, if you’re thinking about buying a Speedway T-Bucket chassis kit anyway, the cost of the manual will be refunded when you buy your chassis kit.

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