What? A Newer Speedway Motors 2011 T-Bucket Catalog!

Pardon my post the other day, because look what arrived in the mail with a different cover officially labeled as the Speedway Motors 2011 Master Catalog. I’ll make up for it with some “insider” Total Performance info.

The New 2011 Speedway Motors T-Bucket Catalog

“Why have T-Buckets been so popular for so long? Because they’re simple, affordable and, best of all, FUN! You really don’t drive a T-Bucket — you hop in and pilot it like a four-wheeled motorcycle!”

The Speedway Motors T-Bucket Kits Assembly Manual Review

T-Bucket Assembly Manual by Speedway Motors

We thought a brief review of the new Speedway Motors T-Bucket Assembly Manual was in order because not only is it of interest to prospective T-Bucket builders but we’ve also noticed that there is some confusion regarding the publication.

“Styline Customs Chuck Miller” Book Review

Chuck Miller Styline Customs

You’ll learn how Chuck built his first T-Bucket, drove it all Summer and on the day after Thanksgiving applied his creative talents to convert it in 8 weeks into the Ridler Award winning Fire Truck at the 1968 Detroit Autorama.