T-Bucket History

Over the years we’ve done several hundred different posts here about T-Bucket hot rods. Fans have told us they’d like an easy way to find info and pictures of T-Buckets of a particular era and we’re glad to respond to that by setting up these category pages where you’ll find quick summaries of the pertinent stories. Just click on the decade of interest to you.

T-Bucket History: 1940s

T-Bucket History: 1950s

T-Bucket History: 1960s

T-Bucket History: 1970s

T-Bucket History: 1980s

T-Bucket History: 1990s

T-Bucket History: 2000s

As you can appreciate, some T-Buckets and our coverage of them spans more than one decade and when that happens you’ll see them listed in the appropriate ones.