Wintec Fabrication moves to new, larger facility

Wintec Fabrication, the home of the stretched T-Bucket Wintec Roadster, has moved into an expanded 6,000 sq.ft. facility one mile north on the same street in Wallingford, CT.

The Speedway Motors T-Bucket Kits Assembly Manual Review

T-Bucket Assembly Manual by Speedway Motors

We thought a brief review of the new Speedway Motors T-Bucket Assembly Manual was in order because not only is it of interest to prospective T-Bucket builders but we’ve also noticed that there is some confusion regarding the publication.

T-Bucket “Shop Stop”: Wintec Fabrication

Our earlier post on the Wintec Roadster, the T-Bucket for family and big guys, drew a lot of interest. So, we decided to make a “shop stop” at Wintech in Wallingford, CT to see what else we could learn.

The Wintec Roadster, a “Bigger” T-Bucket Kit

Wintec Roadster T-Bucket Hot Rod

The new Wintec Roadster for the family man was introduced with a body that stretched 75 inches when measured from firewall to rear, compared to around 48 inches for a regular T-Bucket. But, that’s not all …

The “Thumper” T-Bucket Videos

"Thumper" T-Bucket Video

This flamed burgundy bucket went by the name “Thumper” and appears to be an older Total Performance build, easily recognizable by the rear coil springs. The brass-look firewall is a nice attention getter and …

The New Speedway “Tribute” T-Bucket Kit

Speedway Tribute T-Bucket Kit

This new T-Bucket Kit has a 5 inch dropped I-beam axle and split wishbones, which is totally different from any T-Bucket kit that’s been offered before. What’s also different is …