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It’s been called “The most complete Hot Rod how-to ever written!” Not too long ago, T-Bucket builders paid over $200 for it if they could find a copy. Why? Because professional T-Bucket builder Chester Greenhalgh poured years of blood, sweat and tears into revealing every detail of how anybody can easily build a T-Bucket hot rod on a beer budget, using readily available everyday materials and junkyard parts (or new ones, if you prefer).

The Revised Digital Edition of “How to Build a T-Bucket Hot Rod Roadster for Under $3000: kickin’ it old skool” is only $19.99. For that, you get 258 pages, with over 400 photos, templates, diagrams and illustrations that will reveal to you every detail of how to build your own T-Bucket hot rod roadster on a budget. Learn everything you’ll need to know that will save you time, money and needless frustration by being able to scratch build your own truly custom T-Bucket hot rod! You are no longer limited by T-Bucket “kits” or T-Buckets for sale.

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How to Build a T-Bucket Hot Rod Roadster

T-Bucket History, Tips, Tricks, Inspiration, Events, and Fun!

We’re true T-Bucket enthusiasts and have written over 300 fun, informative blog posts filled with inspirational T-Bucket photos. We continue to add new material all the time. Below is a sample of the latest, but you’ll enjoy finding your favorites in our Blog Archive.

Erv Campbell T-Bucket Then and Now

Erv Campbell T-Bucket Then and Now

While checking out all the cool T-Buckets at the 2017 T-Bucket Nationals in Carson City, Nevada I did a double take when I came upon this yellow Pontiac-powered T. Taking in that rare for a T-Bucket engine, the steel ex-touring body and the unique pickup bed treatment, my degenerating brain cells thought, “wow, this looks ... Read more ...
Norman Letendre Traditional T-Bucket Roadster is Timeless

Norman Letendre Traditional T-Bucket Roadster is Timeless

You could say that the Norman Letendre traditional T-Bucket and the Bill Strickland T-Bucket roadster are birds of a feather. They both evidence a strong Tommy Ivo T-Bucket influence, were built around the same time and are both New England T-Buckets. Norman Letendre of Ludlow, MA took inspiration from TV Tommy Ivo’s T-Bucket roadster when ... Read more ...
Bill Strickland T-Bucket Roadster

Bill Strickland T-Bucket Roadster

In the mid-1950s Tommy Ivo built one of hot rod history’s two most influential T-Bucket roadsters. At the time, he had the geographic convenience of being able to literally crawl under the other most influential T-Bucket, Norm Grabowski’s, to understand the layout, get dimensions and the inspiration that would lead to his own unique T-Bucket ... Read more ...

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