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We’ve been serving the T-Bucket hobby since 2009 with the best “how to” plans, stories on historic T-Buckets, news, photos and fun facts on all aspects of the T-Bucket world. And if that’s not enough, our new Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods Podcast.

We’re true T-Bucket enthusiasts and have written over 300 fun, informative blog posts filled with inspirational T-Bucket photos. We continue to add new material all the time. Below are the 3 most recent, but you’ll enjoy finding your favorites in our Blog Archive.

Ed Iskenderian Happy Birthday

Happy 100th Birthday Ed Iskenderian!

July 10, 2021, is Ed Iskenderian's 100th Birthday!! We're happy to help celebrate by republishing this story about Ed's legendary T roadster from 2010. ...
Chester Greenhalgh

Chester Greenhalgh, T-Bucket and hot rod inspiration and friend

If you’re a regular visitor here, you know that Chester Greenhalgh is the author of the T-Bucket bible, How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000. I was saddened to learn recently that Chester had contracted COVID-19. He was admitted to the VA hospital in Dallas and after a few days, over their protestations, ... Read more ...
T-Bucket builder DVDs

T-Bucket Builder DVDs Everyone Should Have

Whenever I’m asked if there are any good T-Bucket builder DVDs, I refer people to the two that I think are essential for building a good-looking, safe T-Bucket without having to endure frustrating do-overs or unnecessarily wasting money. The first one I recommend is the StreetRod 101 Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction DVD. This ... Read more ...

Everything About T-Buckets!

Whether you’re a builder, buyer, lover or just curious about T-Bucket hot rods, you’ve come to the right place.

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How to Build a T-Bucket Hot Rod Roadster

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