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How to Build a T-Bucket Hot Rod Roadster for Under $3000
It's been called "The most complete Hot Rod how-to ever written!" Not too long ago, T-Bucket builders paid over $200[...]
California Custom Roadsters T-Bucket Chassis Plans
The California Custom Roadsters T-Bucket Chassis Plans are for scratch building the famous Bill Keifer Chassis, the most practical chassis[...]

Nostalgic T-Bucket Plans With Cool Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

"Bird" T-Bucket Plans

Bird T-Bucket Plans

Every baby-boomer's dream! more ...

1960s T-Bucket Plans

1960s T-Bucket Plans

Build '60s frame and suspension. more ...

1970s T-Bucket Plans

1970s T-Bucket Plans

Build quarter-elliptic suspension. more ...

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