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Plans to Create a T-Bucket Distinctively Your Own

T-Bucket Frame and Chassis Construction
Thinking about building or having someone build for you a hot rod frame or chassis? Maybe you've already purchased some[...]
T-Bucket Fiberglass Body Modifications
In response to many requests for more of Bob Hamilton's informative StreetRod 101 hot rod "how to" videos, we are[...]

Nostalgic T-Bucket Plans With Cool Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

"Bird" T-Bucket Plans

Bird T-Bucket Plans

Every baby-boomer's dream! more ...

1960s T-Bucket Plans

1960s T-Bucket Plans

Build '60s frame and suspension. more ...

1970s T-Bucket Plans

1970s T-Bucket Plans

Build quarter-elliptic suspension. more ...

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Gene Winfield Needs Our Help!
At the age of 91, Gene Winfield has been the "Energizer Bunny" of customizers, traveling everywhere doing demonstrations, signing autographs[...]
Galpin Auto Sports Museum Does T’s Right
This past weekend I was in SoCal and among other T-Bucket activities took in the 7th Annual Galpin Car Show,[...]
How to Put a Door in a T-Bucket, T-Bucket Doors that Open, Part 3
We've gotten some great feedback on this little series about how to build an opening T-Bucket door. While we can't[...]
How to Put a Door in a T-Bucket, T-Bucket Doors that Open, Part 2
Recently, the subject of opening T Bucket doors has become a hot topic on social media. And there's good reason[...]
How to Put a Door in a T-Bucket, T-Bucket Doors that Open, Part 1
Ever wonder how to put a door in a T-Bucket fiberglass body? You're not alone. I just had an interesting[...]
Is the 1926/27 T a T-Bucket? Let’s settle that and cover a few more things.
From time to time, I hear people say "You can't really call a 1926/27 T a T-Bucket." But I say[...]
John Eplen inducted into T-Bucket Hall of Fame
At the 2018 T-Bucket Nationals in Springfield, Illinois yesterday, it was announced that John Eplen, known to many as T[...]
The Larry Ryan T-Bucket Legacy
The Larry Ryan T-Bucket isn't likely to be found in the annals of T-Bucket history. But for me it deserves[...]