Hot Rod Holiday Gift from

Your Happy Hot Rod Holiday Exclusive Gift from

Hot Rod Holiday C-Cab T-Bucket
Download your fun, free Hot Rod Holiday Gift

This holiday season we want to show just how much we appreciate the support and encouragement we get from all of our followers at

We searched everywhere for just the perfect gift that T-Bucket and hot rod fans would really appreciate, could exercise their mechanical skills on, and would have lasting value to display for the admiration of friends and family.

With sincere thanks to graphic designer and airbrush artist extraordinaire, Dave Winfield, we are proud to be able to present as our free gift to you our 2014 Holiday Exclusive from and

Santa’s Toy Express Hot Rod Holiday C-Cab

This incredibly detailed paper model was created by professional designer and artist, Dave Winfield, who has won a number of awards for custom paint and artwork.

Dave is a very talented artist and we guarantee you’ll be fascinated to discover his many hot rod, aircraft, boat and other vehicle models at

Just click the button below to download your free Holiday Exclusive Santa’s Toy Express paper model created by

Download C-Cab Holiday Present

Hot Rod Holiday C-Cab T-Bucket

Simply download the model PDF file, print it out on heavy paper or card stock, grab your X-Acto knife and some glue and with a little patience you’ll be beaming with pride at an end result that looks like this.

Hot Rod Holiday C-Cab T-Bucket

If you like, glue a tab or ring to the top and it will make a great tree ornament.

Hot Rod Holiday C-Cab T-Bucket

This is one small way for us to say thank you to you during this holiday season and we hope you’ll express your thanks as well to Dave Winfield by visiting

Hot Rod Holiday C-Cab T-Bucket

Hey, we don’t even mind your “regifting” this cool model to your friends or sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, of whatever, just as long as you send them here to download it. But remember, on January 4, 2014, this cool gift will no longer be available for download.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Rod Holiday Gift from”

  1. I loved the Santa cut out model! However that was a couple computers ago. Would it be possible to bring it back again?


  2. Hope you guys enjoyed the Model. it was a pleasure to provide it for you. The Model was downloaded ov er 240 times! So there should be plenty of Santa’s Express Toys out there!
    happy new year everybody!

  3. Thanks for the gift John, and merry Christmas and Happy Holidays . I’m still hoping for my Hot Rod and Truck book . Want you to know that I apprecieate your efforts on my behalf…………………………………………MY BEST, DON LANGLEY

    • Thank you, Joe. Hope you enjoy it.
      When you — or anyone else — finish building, please post some photos on our Facebook page for everyone to see.


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