Maybe Santa Really Does Drive a T-Bucket

Santa Model T

Otherwise, why are there so many images of Santa in Model T-like conveyances from the purely traditional to the more modern T-Bucket.

T-Bucket Santa Hot Rod

Following our recent post about Santa’s T-Bucket Hot Rod Sleigh, we’ve noticed more and more Santa in a T-Bucket pics that may confirm it to be his preferred mode of transportation.

Santa T-Bucket Sleigh Hot Rod

With Santa’s big day only about a week away, we thought you’d appreciate viewing a few more Santa T-Bucket “sightings”.

Santa Claus T-Bucket Hot Rod

If you have a Santa Claus in his T-Bucket image you’d like to share, just email us a copy at

T-Bucket Hot Rod Santa

During the Holiday Season, we’ll try to add as many of your T-Bucket Santa images as we can to this post.

Hot Rod T-Bucket Sleigh

In response to our request, here’s another picture of Old Saint Nick making speedy deliveries in his T-Bucket Hot Rod Sleigh.

Santa Claus in a T-Bucket Hot Rod

And if you haven’t viewed it already, be sure to check out our Happy Hot Rod Holiday Wishes from

12/16/12 Update: Thanks everyone for passing along other cool pics of Santa in T-Bucket hot rods. We’ve just done a 2012 Santa T-Bucket post with a nice gallery of them. Check it out and share with your friends.

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