Santa Hot Rod, He Really Drives a T-Bucket Roadster

It’s that time of year when if you look carefully you may be lucky enough to see the Santa Hot Rod, a T-Bucket roadster!. 🙂  Yes, Santa really does deliver all those toys in a T-Bucket. He needs to get around quickly and there’s no better way.

Thanks this year to Jason Sparks for reminding us how important T-Bucket transportation is for Jolly Old Saint Nick.

Jason Sparks T-Bucket Santa

We’re not kidding about Santa’s dependence on T-Bucket hot rods. Just take a look at the video evidence below. And Happy Holidays from!

Reindeer were fine back in the 1800s, but it’s a little known secret that early in the 20th century Santa was desperately searching for a faster way to get around to the world’s expanding population without having to make those frequent rest stops for Rudolph and his pals to get a drink and a quick bite. Then, it all changed when Santa met the man that pretty much started it all for us hot rodders: Henry Ford.
Santa Model T Henry Ford
Then, Santa was able to take advantage of the Model T to more quickly and comfortably make his global rounds.

Of course, things weren’t perfect — but the Model T was a speedy improvement.
And speaking of improvement, once Santa saw what hot rodders were able to do with the Model T in terms of really boosting its speed and performance he became an avid T-Bucket fan with his own Santa Hot Rod.
Heck, the Santa Hot Rod T-Bucket was even chosen as the preferred mode of transportation when taking care of everyone’s holiday joy!

A few years ago we did a post about Santa’s T-Bucket Sleigh that got a lot of attention. So we thought we should look into this further.
Santa Hot Rod T-Bucket Sleigh
After some investigation, last year we finally came to the realization that maybe Santa’s hot rod sleigh really is a T-Bucket and did a post with more evidence of that fact.
We invited people to let us know about their Santa Hot Rod T-Bucket sightings and were overwhelmed with just how much evidence there is that those toys are under the tree Christmas morning thanks to our favorite hot rod: the T-Bucket. In the pic above, Santa’s even going with my favorite means of motorvation, the Ford Y-Block.
But, we have to be careful because as our friends at Wintec Fabrication observed a certain bad guy whose heart is “two sizes too small” and his pal, Max, have been working on their own T-Bucket hot rod at an isolated cave near Whoville.

Santa Hot Rod T-Bucket Gallery

You’ll be amazed at all the Santa T-Bucket sightings that have been captured. Take a look at this fun gallery below and share with your hot rod loving friends this holiday season.

And don’t forget to send us your own Santa Hot Rod T-Bucket sightings so that we can include them next year. Happy Holidays!

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