TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket Interview Kicks Off Our Podcast!

TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket Podcast Episode

The enthusiastic reception for the Introductory Episode of our “Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods” Podcast has been very gratifying. Thank you! But after people endured my droning on in that Introductory Episode it was time for a real payoff with a dynamic first interview. And, boy I think we did it! Hall of fame hot … Read more

A Podcast About T-Buckets? You Bet!

podcast about t-buckets

Almost two years ago, I came to the revelation that what this world needs is a podcast about T-Buckets. Strange thing was, I’d only listened to my first podcast a couple months before. I had been doing daily walks for exercise and got tired of listening to music and wanted something more intellectually stimulating during … Read more

Gary Monsarratt’s Custom T-Bucket on a Budget

Gary Monsarratt custom T-Bucket budget build

Note: I originally posted this story last December, but for some unknown reason the images disappeared and I only got around to fixing that now. I’m reposting it  for anyone who may have missed the cool photos and because I love Gary’s budget T-Bucket. To me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than learning about someone who … Read more

Fiberglass Body Floor Installation

fiberglass body floor how to video

A frequent question in T-Bucket building is “how do you install a fiberglass body floor?” Of course, Chester Greenhalgh covers T-Bucket fiberglass body floor installation in great detail in How to Build a T-Bucket for Under $3000. However, Chester shows how to do it in the most straightforward, economic way. But some builders want to … Read more