Kookie Kar Kopy of Gary DeFer

Kookie Kar Gary Defer

“Yes, I copied the Kookie Kar and Ivo’s T,” said Gary DeFer when I met him at the 2017 T-Bucket Nationals in Carson City, Nevada. I felt in the presence of a celebrity because I’d been admiring Gary’s evolving traditional T-Bucket for over 25 years in various online forums. To me, Gary had really nailed … Read more

Uncertain T Exposed!

Uncertain T Popular Hot Rodding June 1967

I’ve been fascinated by and a fan of Steve Scott‘s radical Uncertain T since I first saw it on the cover of the November, 1965 issue of Car Craft magazine. It was only natural that one of my early blog posts back in 2010, and recently updated, featured Steve Scott’s radical creation that was so … Read more

The Steve Scott Uncertain T

The Uncertain-T Steve Scott hot rod show car

I was hugely influenced by the Steve Scott Uncertain T when it exploded on the hot rod show car world back in 1965. So in 2010 I wrote a post here expressing my admiration for Steve Scott’s work with the hope it might enlighten younger car builders because to me that was the true golden … Read more

Alexander Brothers Ridler Award Winning “Top Banana” T-Bucket

Alexander Brothers Ridler T-Bucket Ridler Award Winner

I first published this story about the Alexander Brothers Ridler Award winning T-Bucket 44 years after it won that very prestigious award. I had just seen it at a Chicago custom car show and was quite impressed. I’m updating it with some additional historic photos, information and commentary. I’ll start with the added commentary. Today, … Read more

Just a few T-Buckets built using our plans

TBucketPlans.com started out as a one-page website back in 2009 offering the digital version of Chester Greenhalgh’s much-in-demand, yet out-of-print “How to Build a T-Bucket for Under $3000.” We had no idea then if we would ever see T-Buckets built using our plans, but we had hope. Only recently, though, we reached out to some … Read more

The Gadberry “Low Bucket”

This is a major update of my original post about David Gadberry’s “Low Bucket” T-Bucket from 2010. You’ll find oodles more great pics, plus you can hear David tell the story of how it all came about in our recent Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods Podcast episode at TBucketPodcast.com. The December, 1996 issue of Hot … Read more