T-Bucket Builder DVDs Everyone Should Have

Whenever I’m asked if there are any good T-Bucket builder DVDs, I refer people to the two that I think are essential for building a good-looking, safe T-Bucket without having to endure frustrating do-overs or unnecessarily wasting money.

The first one I recommend is the StreetRod 101 Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction DVD.

This 4-1/2 hour DVD is just incredible in the solid how-to information, tips and tricks you’ll discover as Bob Hamilton walks you through building a hot rod chassis. While he builds a Model A chassis in the DVD, 95%+ of what he shows is applicable to building your T-Bucket chassis. You’ll look back on this as your best T-Bucket investment in terms of the time and money you’ll save as well as the professional look you’ll achieve with drivability and safety as a bonus.

Click here for the sale page with the detailed listing of the contents of this 4-1/2+ hour DVD set that will make ordering your own copy a true no-brainer.

The second of the two T-Bucket builder DVDs I highly recommend is the StreetRod 101 T-Bucket and Model-A Hot Rod Mods DVD.

If you’re thinking about cutting an opening door in your T-Bucket or even buying a body with the door already cut out then you need this “how to” DVD. Why? Because what looks straightforward and simple will turn into an absolute nightmare if you don’t learn how to do it the right way. This DVD will save you hours of frustration in hanging a door and untold hours of irritation down the road if not done right the first time.

All the other great “how to” instruction in this T-Bucket builder DVD about building a custom dash, customizing a grille shell, and much more is icing on the cake.

Click here for the sale page with the detailed listing of the contents of this 4+ hour 2-DVD set that will make you a fiberglass body modifications master.

Both of these informative T-Bucket builder DVDs are part of the 5-volume StreetRod 101 DVD Library we’ve been providing for years at our sister StreetRodPlans.com site. Check out the others there and you’ll probably want them all!

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