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Fiberglass Body Floor Installation

fiberglass body floor how to video

A frequent question in T-Bucket building is “how do you install a fiberglass body floor?” Of course, Chester Greenhalgh covers T-Bucket fiberglass body floor installation in great detail in How to Build a T-Bucket for Under $3000. However, Chester shows how to do it in the most straightforward, economic way. But some builders want to […]

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Hot Rod Santa and His T-Bucket Sleigh

Hot Rod Santa Butch Reeves T-Bucket

Hot Rod Santa faced global population explosion and the escalating costs of reindeer food so he turned to Chester Greenhalgh-like T-Bucket hot rod ingenuity for a better way to serve his billions of little customers. This 400+ horse open sleigh was built by Russian artisans using only the highest quality Canadian Maple for the body. […]

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T-Bucket Upholstery on a Budget

T-Bucket Upholstery

If there’s one subject in the realm of T-Bucket building that’s been lacking in useful information it’s how to do your own T-Bucket upholstery, especially on a budget. As small as a T-Bucket cockpit is, it’s not unusual for upholstery quotes to run from $1000 way on up. That’s no knock on upholsterers. It’s just […]

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Custom T-Bucket on a Budget

Custom T-Bucket Budget

To me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than learning about someone who makes their T-Bucket dreams come true with help from our plans. Here’s an inspiring story of one T-Bucket builder that I think you’ll enjoy. Last week, I sent emails announcing our Chester Greenhalgh hot rod how-to eBook December combo specials. One of the nice responses […]

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