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4 Cylinder T-Bucket Hot Rod, the ‘S**t T’ by Brad Masterson is Anything But!

4 cylinder T-bucket Masterson Kustom Automobiles

Having a dream hot rod is one thing, but having a fun, practical hot rod you built yourself for almost nothing and drive the snot out of is another thing altogether. Brad Masterson accomplished that when he wanted to reduce the cost of his daily commute and make it less boring. Brad’s solution took an unconventional […]

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Hot Rod Santa and His T-Bucket Sleigh

Hot Rod Santa Butch Reeves T-Bucket

Hot Rod Santa faced global population explosion and the escalating costs of reindeer food so he turned to Chester Greenhalgh-like T-Bucket hot rod ingenuity for a better way to serve his billions of little customers. This 400+ horse open sleigh was built by Russian artisans using only the highest quality Canadian Maple for the body. […]

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