Let’s get started on that T-Bucket Build

lets get started on t-bucket build

It’s that time of year to think about hunkering down to that long dreamed of T-Bucket hot rod build. There’s nothing better to get the wrenches turning and your car coming into shape than this set of 3 StreetRod 101 “how to” DVDs that we’ve selected for this August special on our StreetRodPlans.com website – … Read more

T-Bucket Headers History

T-Bucket headers wild

Originally published May 31, 2015: T-Bucket headers are an important component that are easily taken for granted. They can make all the difference in the overall appearance of a T-Bucket. As an early example from the 1940s, the Ed Iskenderian “La Cucaracha” T roadster utilized pretty utilitarian, although beautiful in terms of lines and chrome, … Read more

Happy 100th Birthday Ed Iskenderian!

Ed Iskenderian Happy Birthday

July 10, 2021, is Ed Iskenderian’s 100th Birthday!! We’re happy to help celebrate by republishing this post from 2010 and also releasing our one-hour interview with Ed on our Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods Podcast. Join in the celebration! With its nickname being Spanish for “The Cockroach”, it’s likely no insult was intended toward Ed … Read more

Chester Greenhalgh, T-Bucket and hot rod inspiration and friend

Chester Greenhalgh

If you’re a regular visitor here, you know that Chester Greenhalgh is the author of the T-Bucket bible, How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000. I was saddened to learn recently that Chester had contracted COVID-19. He was admitted to the VA hospital in Dallas and after a few days, over their protestations, … Read more

T-Bucket Builder DVDs Everyone Should Have

T-Bucket builder DVDs

Whenever I’m asked if there are any good T-Bucket builder DVDs, I refer people to the two that I think are essential for building a good-looking, safe T-Bucket without having to endure frustrating do-overs or unnecessarily wasting money. The first one I recommend is the StreetRod 101 Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction DVD. This … Read more

Gary Meadors Beer T

Gary Meadors Beer T

It’s been five years since we lost Goodguys Rod & Custom Association founder Gary Meadors. Gary was inspired by his lifelong love of rods and customs to found an organization that grew to a worldwide membership of more than 70,000. It’s significant to note that one of his early hot rods that was the basis … Read more

Santa Hot Rod, He Really Drives a T-Bucket Roadster

Christmas Santa T-Bucket Hot Rod Roadster

It’s that time of year when if you look carefully you may be lucky enough to see the Santa Hot Rod, a T-Bucket roadster!. 🙂  Yes, Santa and his many helpers really do deliver all those toys in T-Buckets. They need to get around quickly and there’s no better way. We’re not kidding about Santa’s … Read more