Erv Campbell T-Bucket Then and Now

T-Bucket Erv Campbell

While checking out all the cool T-Buckets at the 2017 T-Bucket Nationals in Carson City, Nevada I did a double take when I came upon this yellow Pontiac-powered T. Taking in that rare for a T-Bucket engine, the steel ex-touring body and the unique pickup bed treatment, my degenerating brain cells thought, “wow, this looks … Read more

Bill Strickland T-Bucket Roadster

T-Bucket Bill Strickland

In the mid-1950s Tommy Ivo built one of hot rod history’s two most influential T-Bucket roadsters. At the time, he had the geographic convenience of being able to literally crawl under the other most influential T-Bucket, Norm Grabowski’s, to understand the layout, get dimensions and the inspiration that would lead to his own unique T-Bucket … Read more

The George Gould East Coast T-Bucket

Up until 1962, pretty much every T-Bucket that had appeared in the Big 3 car magazines (Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Car Craft) had been from the West Coast — California, more specifically. So, it was quite a shock to see a really dramatically unique T-Bucket appear in both Hot Rod and Car Craft that … Read more

Hot Rod Santa and His T-Bucket Sleigh

Hot Rod Santa Butch Reeves T-Bucket

On Christmas eve we’re happy to repost this popular T-Bucket Hot Rod Santa story from several years back. Hot Rod Santa faced global population explosion and the escalating costs of reindeer food so he turned to Chester Greenhalgh-like T-Bucket hot rod ingenuity for a better way to serve his billions of little customers. This 400+ … Read more

Drag-U-La and the Coffin Car Fascination

In 1966, I was fascinated by way-out show cars like Steve Scott’s “Uncertain-T”, so when the “Hot Rod Herman” episode of The Munsters appeared with Grandpa’s Drag-U-La, built to win back the family Munster Coach, I was glued to that blurry Black & White television! Just in case you’re too young to know or too … Read more