The Steve Scott Uncertain T – Resurrected!

I was hugely influenced by the Steve Scott Uncertain T when it exploded on the hot rod show car world back in 1965. So in 2010 I wrote a post here expressing my admiration for Steve Scott’s work with the hope it might enlighten younger car builders because to me that was the true golden … Read more

Uncertain T Exposed!

Uncertain T Popular Hot Rodding June 1967

I’ve been fascinated by and a fan of Steve Scott‘s radical Uncertain T since I first saw it on the cover of the November, 1965 issue of Car Craft magazine. It was only natural that one of my early blog posts back in 2010, and recently updated, featured Steve Scott’s radical creation that was so … Read more

Terry Brown T-Bucket Sets the Fad-T Standard

Terry Brown T-Bucket

When I first saw the Terry Brown T-Bucket on the cover of Street Rodder magazine in 1975 I was mesmerized! The opposed coil front suspension, the bug eye headlights, the tall-T top, the weedburner headers, the independent rear suspension and monstrously wide rear tires were sensory overload. My euphoria turned to frustration, though, as I … Read more

T-Bucket 100th Birthday!

t-bucket 100th birthday Norm Grabowski

Let the controversy begin. Sure, some T-Buckets are based on 1915 Model T Ford bodies while others may use as late as 1927 Ford roadster bodies, but popular belief and history identify the hot rod we love as a 1923 T-Bucket. Here’s why January 1, 2023 marks the T-Bucket 100th birthday. Some may say the … Read more

Jim Unruh T-Bucket – Is it old, new or both?

Jim Unruh T-Bucket

I’ve been in love with the Jim Unruh T-Bucket for two decades. You may not believe it, but that’s only how old it is — despite looking like a T-Bucket treasure from the 1950s or 60s. My eyes locked on the Jim Unruh T-Bucket when I first saw it at the 2004 National T-Bucket Alliance … Read more

Chester Greenhalgh Budget Hot Rod How-To Genius, R.I.P.

Chester Greenhalgh Budget Hot Rod

I was out of the country a week ago and my phone rang near midnight. Sadly, I learned that my friend Chester Greenhalgh, whose work was the basis for this website, had passed. 13 years ago, I blogged about the undiscovered genius of Chester Greenhalgh who had written the then out-of-print “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster … Read more

Tribute to Tom Hintz and his T-Bucket Track Roadster

Tom Hintz T-Bucket Track Roadster

I first met Tom Hintz at the 2015 T-Bucket Nationals. Sadly, on June 25, 2022 his niece posted, “My dear Uncle Tom passed away yesterday. He fought a hard fight with cancer and he now is no longer suffering. We loved him so much and know he is in heaven and smiling down on us!” … Read more