What? A Newer Speedway Motors 2011 T-Bucket Catalog!

Speedway Motors 2011 T-Bucket catalog

Maybe I just thought my post the other day was on the new Speedway Motors 2011 T-Bucket catalog. Because almost the next day look what arrives in the mail with a different cover officially labeled as the Speedway Motors 2011 Master Catalog. So, my apologies for not being able to keep up with Speedway’s incredibly prolific marketing department.

To make up for that, here’s a little tip that you Total Performance T-Bucket owners may find helpful. While not a lot of the overall Total Performance parts have yet been carried over into the Speedway catalog, it’s fairly easy to identify what was a Total part because if it was carried over then the “715” prefix was added to the old Total Performance part number.

For example, the former Total Performance “Expanding Body Mounts” which were Part No. BM401, are now Part No. 715-BM401 in the new Speedway catalog. The “Universal Fiberglass Transmission Tunnel”, which was Total’s Part No. B10214, is now Speedway Part No. 715-B10214. The Total “Stainless Steel Drilled Rotors for Spindle Mount Wheels” which were Total Part No. DB206SS are now Speedway Part No. 715-DB206SS.

But, that doesn’t mean that any item with the 715 prefix was formerly a Total Performance part because Speedway uses that prefix on many of their T-Bucket products.

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3 thoughts on “What? A Newer Speedway Motors 2011 T-Bucket Catalog!”

  1. i just got the new catalog as well its nice but i think they need to bring the prices down on thier windshield frames and on the slanted windshield posts
    oh and i just ran a tally on how much i have spent on the the T Bucket im building i am right at 3005.00 and i dont think that is bad at all 4 yrs ago when i started the build i was allowed 100.00 a month and now it is at 200.00 a month so i hope to be rolling by the end of July fingers crossed .


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