Branch Richardson’s Out-of-the-Box T-Bucket

Not wanting to build from scratch, but also wanting to get his hands dirty and really personalize his T-Bucket in a number of areas, Branch Richardson chose a “Hot Rod in a Box” …

The Bird T-Bucket Kit Plans

Bird Engineering T-Bucket Kit
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T-Bucket fanatic since 1957 when my 8 year old eyes became glued to a full page LIFE magazine photo of Norm Grabowski in the wildest hot rod I had ever seen! I later discovered the fascinating T-Buckets of TV Tommy Ivo, Marty Hollmann, Bob Johnston and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s T-Bucket inspired Outlaw. I was hooked for life on T-Bucket hot rods! originated in 2005 as a personal blog extolling the virtues of T-Buckets. In 2009 I blogged about Chester Greenhalgh, the "how to" genius who wrote the legendary, out-of-print “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000”. That led to a friendship with Chester and our partnership in marketing the updated eBook version of his T-Bucket building bible. The T-Bucket fire burns stronger and stronger.
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Back in the 60s every red-blooded American boy had three things on his mind: girls, sports and hot rods! To feed that insatiable interest, along came a new hot rod supplier — not from southern California, but from the small Midwestern town of Fremont, Nebraska. Who could resist the urge created by the 1965 Bird … Read more

Wintec Fabrication moves to new, larger facility

Wintec Fabrication, the home of the stretched T-Bucket Wintec Roadster, has moved into an expanded 6,000 sq.ft. facility one mile north on the same street in Wallingford, CT.

What? A Newer Speedway Motors 2011 T-Bucket Catalog!

Pardon my post the other day, because look what arrived in the mail with a different cover officially labeled as the Speedway Motors 2011 Master Catalog. I’ll make up for it with some “insider” Total Performance info.

The New 2011 Speedway Motors T-Bucket Catalog

“Why have T-Buckets been so popular for so long? Because they’re simple, affordable and, best of all, FUN! You really don’t drive a T-Bucket — you hop in and pilot it like a four-wheeled motorcycle!”

T-Bucket “Shop Stop”: Wintec Fabrication

Our earlier post on the Wintec Roadster, the T-Bucket for family and big guys, drew a lot of interest. So, we decided to make a “shop stop” at Wintech in Wallingford, CT to see what else we could learn.

NEHR Speedcraft’s T-Bucket “Hot Rod in a Box” Kit, Part 2

NEHR Speedcraft T-Bucket Hot Rod in a Box kit

As noted in Part 1, NEHR’s “Hot Rod in a Box” T-Bucket kit is designed to be a well-engineered package that offers ease of assembly for the home garage builder without any welding or drilling and which includes all the …