The New 2011 Speedway Motors T-Bucket Catalog

2011 Speedway Motors T-Bucket catalog

“Why have T-Buckets been so popular for so long? Because they’re simple, affordable and, best of all, FUN! You really don’t drive a T-Bucket — you hop in and pilot it like a four-wheeled motorcycle!” That quote from the Speedway Motors 2011 T-Bucket catalog sums it up nicely.

It was less than a year ago that we told you about the release of the 2010 Speedway Motors T-Bucket Catalog, and we’re happy to report that the new 2011 edition is now available.

Speedway Motors Tribute T bucket

Of course, the big addition and star of the catalog is the new Speedway Motors Tribute T, that we reported on last year.

The new T-Bucket catalog is 152 pages, 16 more than the 2010 edition. One little thing I noticed is that Speedway’s stepped it up in the T-Bucket apparel department. Since Summer’s upon us, I thought it would be cool to highlight a few of Speedway’s T-Bucket t-shirt offerings.
Speedway Motors T-Bucket t-shirt

Speedway Motors T-Bucket t-shirt
The Mr. Roadster t for the nolstalgia buffs.

Speedway Motors T-Bucket t-shirt
The cool Jeff Allison design

Speedway Motors T-Bucket t-shirt
The new Tribute T design

Speedway Motors T-Bucket t-shirt
Speedway Motors T-Bucket work shirt
In case you prefer a work shirt

Speedway Motors T-Bucket t-shirt
My favorite: Jeff Allison design for the youngsters

So, if you haven’t already you can get your free T-Bucket catalog at the Speedway website.

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