The George Gould East Coast T-Bucket -

The George Gould East Coast T-Bucket

George Gould's T-Bucket Roadster
Up until 1962, pretty much every T-Bucket that had appeared in the Big 3 car magazines (Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Car Craft) had been from the West Coast — California, more specifically. So, it was quite a shock to see a really dramatically unique T-Bucket appear in both Hot Rod and Car Craft that year from the East Coast “birthplace of the American industrial revolution”, Waltham, Massachusetts.

George Gould T-Bucket Car Craft April 1962

Heck, it even made the cover of Car Craft!

George Gould T-Bucket

It meant business with its six-deuce Buick nailhead power and the bobtail look was further accentuated with a unique fuel tank and a very short wheelbase.
Rear view of George Gould T-Bucket
What was really cool was that the magazine coverage noted that Gould drove his hot rod to shows all over New England and even beyond.

George Gould T-Bucket 1961This 1961 snapshot from an event confirms the fact.
George Gould T-Bucket at car show
Alas, it wasn’t too long before George’s T-Bucket was next seen in the classifieds in the back of Hot Rod magazine. Oh, to have had $4k back in the day, but back then the asking price was almost a thousand dollars more than the average new car price.
George Gould T-Bucket For Sale

A few months later another for sale ad ran and instead of the “$4000, firm” it was “Must sacrifice, best offer”.

George Gould T-BucketThe revised ad also noted “June ’62 HRM cover”, which was in error because that edition featured Buzz Pitzen’s “world’s first fiberglass T-Bucket hot rod.”

To me, George Gould’s T-Bucket roadster was a very influential East Coast show car that proved such a hot rod could be a beautiful winner, yet could also be driven hard and put away wet.
George Gould T-Bucket RoadsterT-Bucket by George Gould

With thanks to Jay for his comment below I’m happy to add a photo of the George Gould T-Bucket in its current state.

George Gould T-Bucket

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