The George Gould East Coast T-Bucket

George Gould's T-Bucket Roadster
Up until 1962, pretty much every T-Bucket that had appeared in the Big 3 car magazines (Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Car Craft) had been from the West Coast — California, more specifically. So, it was quite a shock to see a really dramatically unique T-Bucket appear in both Hot Rod and Car Craft that year from the East Coast “birthplace of the American industrial revolution”, Waltham, Massachusetts.

This is an update from an original 2010 post because thanks to the Petersen Photo Archives we’re able to include a wealth of new detailed photos of the George Gould T-Bucket.

George Gould T-Bucket Car Craft April 1962

Heck, it even made the cover of Car Craft!

George Gould T-Bucket

It meant business with its six-deuce Buick nailhead power and the bobtail look was further accentuated with a unique fuel tank and a very short wheelbase.
Rear view of George Gould T-Bucket
What was really cool was that the magazine coverage noted that Gould drove his hot rod to shows all over New England and even beyond.

As in this example when George Gould’s T was the Top Car of Show at Hartford, CT in 1961
Or from this Philadelphia show he drove to in 1961.

George Gould T-Bucket As in this example of a win at the Hartford, CT show in 1963 with a new darker paint job.

George Gould T-Bucket 1961This 1961 snapshot from an event confirms the fact.
George Gould T-Bucket at car showThe above photo is from George winning Best Rod in Show in Montreal, Canada in 1962.
Alas, it wasn’t too long before George’s T-Bucket was next seen in the classifieds in the back of Hot Rod magazine. Oh, to have had $4k back in the day, but back then the asking price was almost a thousand dollars more than the average new car price.
George Gould T-Bucket For Sale

A few months later another for sale ad ran and instead of the “$4000, firm” it was “Must sacrifice, best offer”.

George Gould T-BucketThe revised ad also noted “June ’62 HRM cover”, which was in error because that edition featured Buzz Pitzen’s “world’s first fiberglass T-Bucket hot rod.”

To me, George Gould’s T-Bucket roadster was a very influential East Coast show car that proved such a hot rod could be a beautiful winner, yet could also be driven hard and put away wet.
George Gould T-Bucket RoadsterT-Bucket by George Gould

With thanks to Jay for his comment below I’m happy to add a photo of the George Gould T-Bucket in its current state.

George Gould T-Bucket

Recently, Marcus Edell, who administers the Hot Rods of the 1960s group on Facebook posted a couple of more recent shots of the George Gould T-Bucket roadster that I wanted to add so that you may see it in full color glory. Could that be Fritz Schenck admiring George’s T?

And in that Facebook post Brian Lenox added a nice 1960s era photo of George’s T which I wanted to include as well.

But what really makes this a worthy update is the treasure trove of photos the Petersen Photo Archives have uncovered from when Petersen first photographed George’s T. This is fascinating because these photos were taken at the 1961 NHRA National Drags at Indianapolis. It’s my understanding that George drove his T roadster to Indianapolis from his home in Massachusetts!

What the photographers did was have George take his roadster to a then unoccupied spot on the pea gravel covered pits at Indy. You’ll really enjoy all the detail you’ll find in this terrific photo gallery thanks to the Petersen Digital Archives.

While rare in Massachusetts, George Gould’s T-Bucket wasn’t the only one around back then and he was frequently seen in the company of fellow Bay Stater Fred Steele’s T-Bucket that became famous on the cover of the “Ventures in Space” record album.

George Gould Fred Steele T-Buckets
Fred Steele George Gould T-Bucket
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13 thoughts on “The George Gould East Coast T-Bucket”

  1. I knew George, Butch, Whitey Gould when I lived in Waltham , we were members of the Spades Club together. Every Friday night he would pull up at Jack Mliados house on Felton St just to listen to the latest Rock n Roll hits. He had the nicest looking Hot Rod in the Northeast. It was a pleasure to have known him and his talent.

  2. Tim Hanna, I hope this great car makes some public appearances. I take it the bar/garage/restaurant is closed? I live in western Mass. and was hoping to take a drive out that way to get a close up view.

  3. I remember visiting Whitey’s garage in Waltham, MA. while he was building the T. I saw it many times during and after the build. This winter I have enjoyed connecting with his son in Fl. We are talking about trying to get the car to some events in Mass. this summer but that depends on the current owner, Tim Hannah, who keeps it under wraps. Unfortunately, the T has not been in the public eye for many years. It’s time for a coming out party.

    • Thanks so much for adding that, Fred. I really hope that you and George’s son are successful in getting legendary T-Bucket back out there so that others can admire and be inspired by it. Please keep us informed. All the best, John

  4. Tim Hanna bought whiteys T bucket in 1962 or 1963 when it was black. Tim restored it in the last 7 or 8 years and repainted it the original green color that Whitey painted it before he painted it black. It’s in show condition.

  5. Whitey past away several years ago, also Slick Harding who did a lot of the original build on the car past away a few years ago. Whitey would come to visit Stick at his house in Hudson Ma we lived next door I remember that car it was the most beautiful hotrod i ever saw everything was chromed.

    • Thanks for sharing that info, Gary. Yes, at the time it was a spectacular T-Bucket for an East Coast car and I understand that not only was it a true showpiece but it was driven extensively. Would absolutely love to see any pics anyone may have of the car under construction or to know more about that. Thanks again.

        • I’m very glad to hear that George Gould’s T-Bucket is still around, Jay. I guess they actually use it as the key element in their logo.
          Angry Ham's T-Bucket
          While researching the restaurant’s photos I did see what looked like a wood cutout of the Gould T-Bucket on the wall, but I think I did find a pic of it on display perhaps outside.
          George Gould T-Bucket
          If you or anyone else might have any more current photos of the George Gould T-Bucket we’d love to see and share them. Thanks again.

    • George “Whitey” did drive his T-bucket regularly when we traveled around our hometown and he and I drove it together from Waltham, MA to the 1961 NHRA National Drags at Indianapolis and back. We shared the drive time and the only problem we had on the drive was rain so both of us wore ponchos for a good deal of the trip. It was an experience I will never forget nor will I forget Whitey. He was an absolute perfectionist in whatever he did which is reflected in the beautiful car that he built.


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