The “Thumper” T-Bucket Videos

I recently ran across some more T-Bucket videos that I believe I took at the 2009 Crazy T’s of Northern Illinois Car Show (and if I’m wrong, please post a comment to set the record straight). This flamed burgundy bucket went by the name “Thumper” and appears to be an older Total Performance build, easily recognizable by the rear coil springs. The brass-look firewall is a nice attention getter and the wood dash is a perfect complement to the wood steering wheel. The rear carriage lights are attached directly to the pickup tailgate and I don’t believe I’ve seen that treatment before.

Guess what? I found another video on this one so I’m adding it as a little bonus for anyone who’d like to see more of this bucket.

If this is your T-Bucket or you know the owner, please post a comment and let us know.

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