1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 9, T Bucket Steering

In this installment in our series Bob Hamilton of our popular StreetRod 101 DVD series tackles T Bucket steering rather simply with a vintage Mustang steering box and also shows how to construct the transmission crossmember.

T Bucket Steering Mount

1926 Ford T Bucket Steering Box

“I like to use the Mustang box for T Bucket steering because it’s fairly modern, reliable and readily available. Here’s the Mustang steering box tacked in place – mounted on its side. I tacked a small piece of angle iron to the mounting bracket to help hold it in place.”

1926 Ford T Bucket Steering Box

“This just shows a rear view of the box mounted to the frame.”

T Bucket Transmission Mount

1926 Ford T Bucket Transmission Mount

“I drew the trans mount on the bench top so I could get the right angles for the center cuts. Inch and a half square tubing heavy wall (.188 in thick ) was used with urethane bushings being used for the cushion mount itself. The trans is bolted directly to a plate welded to the tubing.”

1926 Ford T Bucket Transmission Mount

“Two 3/8ths 2 x 2 plates are used on each end of the mount to support the T Bucket transmission mount.”

1926 Ford T Bucket Transmission Mount

“Here’s a rear shot showing the mount and transmission (empty turbo 350 case) all set up. Notice the plywood firewall in place to simulate the body in place. I screwed a small 2 x 4 to the plywood so that I could use c-clamps to hold it to the frame. I marked the position of the firewall when the body was setting on the frame the last time. That then becomes the reference point.”

1926 Ford T Bucket Transmission Mount

“Another shot showing everything in place and the spacer blocks removed.”

That was a brief T Bucket steering installment. But, if you’d like to see how Bob does this in more detail we highly recommend his 4-1/2 hour StreetRod 101: Hot Rod Frame & Chassis Construction DVD which is part of the informative and comprehensive StreetRod 101 DVD Library available at our sister site, StreetRodPlans.com.


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Thanks for following along so far on this cool 1927 T roadster series. Stay tuned and check back regularly because we’ll be adding more soon.

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