The “Under $3000” T-Bucket and Inflation

Here’s something to be cheery about in 2016. Chester Greenhalgh wrote “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000” in 1986. With the recent eBook rerelease I wondered what inflation had done to that proposition over the past 30 years. According to the official U.S. Government “Inflation Calculator”, based on the Consumer Price Index … Read more

The Gadberry “Low Bucket”

The December, 1996 issue of Hot Rod Magazine featured a story by the late Gray Baskerville titled, “Low Bucket — Doin’ a Fad-T for $2.94 a Pound!” After first reading it, I spent countless hours pouring over the three picture-filled pages accompanied by Baskerville’s always entertaining and informative commentary. While I’d been hooked on T-Buckets … Read more

1970s Waterbed Fad Meets T-Bucket Trend

Super T Rod T-Bucket Waterbed

In the 1970s, waterbed stores were popping up everywhere as their popularity spread from the hippie community to suburbanites seeking more excitement in their love life, as well as the over-50 crowd looking for a better night’s sleep. So, why not do something for Junior that tied in with the exciting T-Bucket hot rod phenomenon? … Read more