Andy “The Rodfather” Brizio and the “Instant T”

T-Bucket Headers Andy Brizio Instant T Americas's Most Beautiful Roadster

The T-Bucket phenomenon was really building momentum by the mid-1960s when Ray Sisemore’s multi-part “How to Build a Hot Rod” series began chronicling a bucket build orchestrated by Ted McMullen of U.S. Speed Sport in Santa Fe Springs. Not long after that, a young San Francisco Bay hot rodder who mounted all the wheels at … Read more

Barn Find Hot Rods: Hidden Treasure or Simply No Pleasure?

“Barn find” hot rods seem to be turning up everywhere today. It seems that with the Internet, every significant barn find sends hundreds of guys spreading out across the country searching every barn, shed, vacant warehouse, backyard and “old man’s open garage” looking for the next long-lost Ed Roth Orbitron. Hey, it’s fun and the … Read more

1970s Waterbed Fad Meets T-Bucket Trend

Super T Rod T-Bucket Waterbed

In the 1970s, waterbed stores were popping up everywhere as their popularity spread from the hippie community to suburbanites seeking more excitement in their love life, as well as the over-50 crowd looking for a better night’s sleep. So, why not do something for Junior that tied in with the exciting T-Bucket hot rod phenomenon? … Read more

“Bucket T”, the T-Bucket Song — 3 Versions, No Less

Just to show what an important element of popular culture the T-Bucket became, you need look no further than the three artists who recorded this dopey ditty: Jan & Dean, The Who and Ronny and the Daytonas. I must say that I find the cover version of this song done by The Who to be … Read more

Chester Greenhalgh: T-Bucket Genius!?!

Chester Greenhalgh T-Bucket book how to

The following is a blog post I originally published 10 years ago on New Year’s Day, 2009. It was a great start to my New Year because it brought me into contact with Chester Greenhalgh, T-Bucket budget building guru. At the time, Chester had disappeared from the T-Bucket world for over 10 years. Nobody could … Read more

TV Tommy Ivo’s T-Bucket

T-Bucket headers TV Tommy Ivo

Shortly after becoming aware of Norm’s Kookie Kar around 1959, I was also struck by another T-bucket that had the “look” and received Hot Rod magazine coverage: “TV Tommy” Ivo’s Buick nailhead powered T-bucket. On a recent visit to the NHRA Wally Parks Museum in Pomona, CA, I had a chance to snap a few … Read more