2010 Buckethead Bash for T-Bucket Fans

Buckethead Bash for T-Buckets
If you just can’t get enough T-Buckets at your local events, may I suggest the the 4th Annual Buckethead Bash in beautiful Mountain Home, Arkansas. The Buckethead Bashes were initiated in 2007 after the National T-Bucket Alliance had held two successful T-Bucket Nationals in Mountain Home and decided to change locations to Arizona. At the time, the feeling was that Arizona was a very long trip for anyone east of or anywhere near the Mississippi River and the community in Mountain Home had become attached to the colorful T-Bucket crowd. In addition, T-Bucket builder, Spirit Industries, is located in Mountain Home and took the ball and ran with it. So, if you’re looking for a Summer 2010 T-Bucket “fix” and don’t see yourself traveling to Colorado for the 2010 T-Bucket Nationals, check out the July 13-17, Buckethead Bash.

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