Chevy Powered T-Bucket Trike, or Why 3 Wheels are More Valuable Than 4 (in some people’s minds)

T-Bucket Trike
OK, it’s Friday night and I’m a firm believer in the concept of Friday Fun. So, here we go. A couple weeks ago, I was diligently following what’s new in the T-Bucket world when I stumbled upon a T-Bucket bodied three-wheeled motorcycle: a T-Bucket Trike. What won’t people do, I thought, as a quickly scrolled the eBay listing (which was one of the longest I’d ever seen, including a bunch of glamour shots with female models — and focused more on the models than the T-Bucket 3-wheeler).
T-Bucket Harley Trike
Well, it’s not my cup of T-Bucket, but I recognize creativity and ingenuity when I see it. At the time, I looked, I chuckled and I moved on. But tonight, this Chevy-powered big wheel popped up again when I saw somebody mention that the eBay auction was about to end and a bid of $40,200 was below the reserve! I couldn’t believe that statement, so had to check it out myself and also felt I should read the actual description to see why this oddity was so highly prized. I’ll let the selling agent’s description speak for itself:

“This is the most elaborate Trike of its kind requiring 5 years $65k in parts not including labor to build. We included a copy of a 6 page certified stamped seal appraisal from 2005 by American Rodder Motorsports for $48,150. This Trike was professionally fabricated. It’s owned by 70 yrs. old and designer with health issues. This trike is totally at home at any Bike or Car Shows in the world with many big show trophies to prove it. It was built to be very comfortable, safe, fun, street legal and easy to operate. This is a complete 2 trike 2 trailer package. It includes a V8 Trike, Electric Trike, Trike Trailer and a 16’ show trailer that everything fits in for road trips. Package is design for one person to load and unload for road trip.”
Chevy Powered T-Bucket Trike
Well, that helps explain the totally weird interior configuration that made my eyes cross before. And, if you’re a member of the mobility scooter set it makes a bit more sense in terms of all the other trailers and the additional trike thrown in. And from the wheelie bars on back this must be quite a site when the shuffling septaugenarian owner nails the throttle.
T-Bucket Chevy Trike
For the life of me, I can’t figure out why if you have $65k in parts PLUS LABOR in something that you’d tout a $48k appraisal. However, the “appraiser”, American Rodder Motorsports in NC, seems to be a body shop. And, this hog with training wheels is evidently registered as an ’84 Honda trike. But, that’s all part of what makes this fun.

P.S. It didn’t sell. Reserve not met at $40,200 (19 bids).

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2 thoughts on “Chevy Powered T-Bucket Trike, or Why 3 Wheels are More Valuable Than 4 (in some people’s minds)”

    • Sorry for any confusion, Ray. But we like to do stories on lots of different T-Bucket variations for which we don’t sell specific plans, like C-Cabs, coupes, phaetons, mini-T’s, etc. A 3-wheeler is a big stretch and we did this story because the builder used some nice ingenuity and craftsmanship that others might find inspiring.


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