“Dadz” 23 T-Bucket Video

Here’s a nice Spirit Industries T-Bucket from the Crazy T’s of Northern Illinois car show. In case you might wonder how it can be identified as a Spirit-based T, I’ll offer up my clues, which you’ll see on the video. To start, most Spirit T-Buckets have the tie rod positioned behind the axle and running nicely between the radius rods. Many Spirit buckets also employ a front panhard bar and some of them use unbent radius rods, meaning that straight rods are joined by a welded steel plate section. As for the Spirit identification on the body, many use the ’32 Ford style dash that tends to be unique to Spirit.

This particularly nice-looking blue T-Bucket with white racing stripes was entered by Lowell Weller of Plainfield, IL and features a matching trailer as well. I really like the clear distributor cap on the engine, which to me offers a nostalgic touch.

As for the title of this post, you may have noticed Lowell’s personalized license plate.

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