Budget Build T-Bucket, Traditional Turtle Deck in Black

budget build t-bucket

This turtle deck T-Bucket takes the traditional budget approach by using a 1940s era Ford I-beam front axle with the spring in front and positioned with traditional split wishbones. Check out the …

Real Hot Rods — Every Car Show Has to Have Some

T-Bucket Real Hot Rods Dan Collins

All you have to do is observe where the crowds congregate, where the most pictures are taken and where the most questions are asked of the owners of the embodiment of a real “hot rod”, the T-Bucket.

The Takeout T: America’s Truly Most Beautiful Roadster, Part 2 – Details

Maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised that to achieve such a high level of perfection in a garage and on a budget takes lots of innovative thinking, skills and patience. While we’re looking at Russ’s unique firewall treatment, this presents a perfect introduction to where the name, The Takeout T, came from.

Just Can’t Believe Jim Hoffman’s T-Bucket is “Ex-Junk”

Jim Hoffman T-Bucket Ex-Junk

Jim likes to refer to his T-Bucket as “Ex Junk”, but I think Jim’s definition of junk rests on a higher plain than my own. It’s quite clear that he didn’t scrimp when it came to detail, because this car is loaded with clean, functional and …

“Dadz” 23 T-Bucket Video

Dadz T-Bucket roadster with trailer

Here’s a nice Spirit Industries T-Bucket from the Crazy T’s of Northern Illinois car show. In case you might wonder how it can be identified as a Spirit-based T, I’ll offer up my clues …

The “Thumper” T-Bucket Videos

"Thumper" T-Bucket Video

This flamed burgundy bucket went by the name “Thumper” and appears to be an older Total Performance build, easily recognizable by the rear coil springs. The brass-look firewall is a nice attention getter and …