The Takeout T: America’s Truly Most Beautiful Roadster, Part 2 – Details

Maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised that to achieve such a high level of perfection in a garage and on a budget takes lots of innovative thinking, skills and patience. While we’re looking at Russ’s unique firewall treatment, this presents a perfect introduction to where the name, The Takeout T, came from.

“Dadz” 23 T-Bucket Video

Dadz T-Bucket roadster with trailer

Here’s a nice Spirit Industries T-Bucket from the Crazy T’s of Northern Illinois car show. In case you might wonder how it can be identified as a Spirit-based T, I’ll offer up my clues …

The “Thumper” T-Bucket Videos

"Thumper" T-Bucket Video

This flamed burgundy bucket went by the name “Thumper” and appears to be an older Total Performance build, easily recognizable by the rear coil springs. The brass-look firewall is a nice attention getter and …