Chester Greenhalgh Applies Hot Rod Ingenuity to New eBook, “Projects With Lawn Mower Engines”

Chester Greenhalgh has done it again!

Everyone’s favorite author of the legendary How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000 and How to Mount a Cheap Antique Pickup Truck Body on a Late Model Frame has done it again with a really cool new eBook.

Projects With Lawn Mower Engines will make you an overnight small engine expert and Chester shows you how to apply hot rod creativity not only to your lawn mower, but also cool projects with lawn mower engines for boating, air compressors, minibikes/choppers and more.

Projects With Lawn Mower Engines new eBook
Chester Greenhalgh’s New eBook, “Projects With Lawn Mower Engines” — Now available at

Your eyes will pop out when you see some of the projects Chester has created for this new eBook. You can see more at the special new website we set up for it,

Projects With Lawn Mower Engines Trike Riding Mower
How about cruising the front yard on a “trike” riding mower? That’ll get the neighbors buzzing.
The trike riding lawn mower is a real head turner and if you’re a boater you’ll absolutely want to grab a copy of Projects With Lawn Mower Engines. Chester has included more detail than has ever been published on picking up a scrap outboard for next to nothing and converting it to dependable Briggs & Stratton power on the cheap.


Heck he even shows you how to use scrap yard parts to supercharge a small engine!


When it comes to small engines, Chester says “Most people may understand cars but are lost with these cantankerous little bastards”.  In Projects With Lawn Mower Engines, you’ll learn the cheap, easy way to diagnose what’s wrong and how to get them running quickly. Millions are thrown on the scrap heap every year — most are useable if you know what to look for and what to do.


Once you understand these little engines you could even open a small side business fixing them for extra income or to fund your hot rod building project.
To get all the details, see the Table of Contents and download your copy today, Click Here to go to>



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