The World’s First Fiberglass T-Bucket Hot Rod: Buzz Pitzen’s “Glass Image” – Part II

Buzz Pitzen T-Bucket
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T-Bucket fanatic since 1957 when my 8 year old eyes became glued to a full page LIFE magazine photo of Norm Grabowski in the wildest hot rod I had ever seen! I later discovered the fascinating T-Buckets of TV Tommy Ivo, Marty Hollmann, Bob Johnston and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s T-Bucket inspired Outlaw. I was hooked for life on T-Bucket hot rods! originated in 2005 as a personal blog extolling the virtues of T-Buckets. In 2009 I blogged about Chester Greenhalgh, the "how to" genius who wrote the legendary, out-of-print “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000”. That led to a friendship with Chester and our partnership in marketing the updated eBook version of his T-Bucket building bible. The T-Bucket fire burns stronger and stronger.
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As noted in Part I, Buzz Pitzen’s T-Bucket was the world’s first using a fiberglass body. It paved the way for tens of thousands to follow and it can’t be emphasized enough that had Buzz not taken the time to correct the flaws in that fiberglass body built in the 50s that the ‘glass bucket … Read more

“Styline Customs Chuck Miller” Book Review

Chuck Miller Styline Customs

You’ll learn how Chuck built his first T-Bucket, drove it all Summer and on the day after Thanksgiving applied his creative talents to convert it in 8 weeks into the Ridler Award winning Fire Truck at the 1968 Detroit Autorama.

A different Kind of Bucket: Steve Scott’s Uncertain-T

Steve Scott Uncertain-T

In 1965, Car Craft magazine unveiled the “Uncertain T” with unprecedented fanfare. How about a cutaway on the cover, a 3-page feature story, a mini-feature on how to scratch build a model of the car, and the introduction of …

The Milk Truck Mystery

Paul Johnson Pie Wagon C-Cab T

Aside from being an exceptional T-Bucket innovator and builder, Dan Woods deserves a special measure of respect for crediting a model car as the inspiration for his famous “Milk Truck” C-Cab show car. But, which model car?

Who Built the First T-Bucket With Spindle Mount Wire Wheels?

first T-Bucket spindle mount wire wheels

By the 1970s Fad-T era, front wire wheels were the norm for T-Buckets. I’ve researched this subject over the years, bounced it off others, and now feel confident the cycle wheel trend setter award goes to none other than …

T-Bucket Trip Ups: Vol. 1

T-Bucket Trip Ups Vol. 1

“Trip ups” are those mistakes, sometimes small — sometimes significant, in judgement or in execution, that in my one man’s opinion, result in a T-Bucket that’s either less than perfect, uninspiring or downright hideous looking. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of T-Buckets and have made mental note of the many trip ups that …

Joe Pirronello and “The Lively Set” Dodge T-Bucket

Joe Pirronello Lively Set Dodge T-Bucket

From the Maltese Cross accents on the top and interior rugs to the innovative front spring perch and the super-swoopy custom air scoop covering the 6 deuces on the Corvette mill, this was a car that dreams are made of.