T-Buckets and Trucks, Hot Rods and Rat Rods: Chester Shows How to Build Them All the Same Way — On a Budget!

Hot Rod Rat Rod Pickup Truck by Chester Greenhalgh
Chester's New eBook: Hot Rod or Rat Rod, How to Mount an Antique Pickup Truck Body on a Late Model Pickup Truck Frame for (Way) Under $3000

You really didn’t think that after authoring the legendary “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000” in the 1980s that Chester Greenhalgh would rest on his laurels? No way! After putting 25 more years of budget hot rod building experience under his belt, Chester is ready to unleash his new eBook, “Hot Rod” or “Rat Rod”, How to Mount an Antique Pickup Body on a Late Model Pickup Frame … for Less Than $3000.

This new 107 page eBook is for the hot rodder who doesn’t want to take on scratch building something like a T-Bucket and who wants to build a fun, cool rod with a classic look and modern performance using the least expensive most readily available parts and construction techniques.

It’s packed with over 200 full color photos and illustrations that take you through the build in the step-by-step meticulous detail that made Chester’s original T-Bucket book a legend. What’s really exciting about this new eBook is that it’s written by the same guy, but now Chester has a quarter center more of clever, money-saving hot rod building experience and techniques to share!

For today’s hot rodder on a budget, the classic look pickups of the 40s and 50s can still be had cheaply, particularly if the mechanicals are trashed. What’s cool is that you can even more easily and cheaply find a newer model pickup with V8 power and modern suspension that has body damage. Just like Dr. Frankenstein, Chester shows you how to put the old together with the new in the easiest and least expensive way possible, but with a critical eye on producing a hot rod truck that has the right look. (Chester would never think about just plopping a classic truck body on a wider late model chassis and driving something that looks like a shoebox on wheels).

If you need any more convincing that it’s easy to do, just remember that Chester’s now 66 years old and built the Jeep on a Chevy chassis hot rod truck illustrated in the eBook in just over 2 months.

We’ve set up a new website that tells you everything you want to know about Chester’s new eBook. Just click here to visit www.HotRodTruckPlans.com for the complete Table of Contents and to be able to order your own personal copy for less than ten bucks. Just one of Chester’s clever building tricks and tips will save you hundreds, if not thousands!


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6 thoughts on “T-Buckets and Trucks, Hot Rods and Rat Rods: Chester Shows How to Build Them All the Same Way — On a Budget!”

  1. Sure John,
    Just go to http://www.HotRodPlans.com and you will find the detailed Table of Contents which tells just what’s in the book, which is only $10 for the 107-page eBook featuring over 200 full color photographs and illustrations covering every facet of this easy-to-build, low-buck approach to hot rodding.
    Hope you get your Dodge up and running the way you want.
    Thanks for your interest.

  2. Hey I got B series dodge truck. Is there anyway top preiview your content of your book. I’m real intrested in getting truck up an running.


  3. Hi Larry, (My brothers name is Larry too) I wrote the 2nd book for the visual effect on a computor. It’s so much easier to read for us older people and the colors stand out more. You can’t convert it over by using a white background. I learned from this and my 3rd book (How to build a RADICAL 50s style custom for under $5000) will be done with a white background although its on my computor in black.I’m also redoing the original adding color but with a white background.

  4. Chester;
    I’ve got both of your books; hell of a good job my friend. The T-bucket one has moved me forward light years ahead of where I was at, I call it my bucket bible. When I started to print of the rat rod book with the black back drop pages I ran out of ink real quick, any ideas on printing without the black back drop?
    thanks man

  5. Richard,
    The Apache book will come out sometime next year when I finish the Apache. My productive work hours are somewhat less with the oncoming years, but it’s 3/4 finished. I am also limited with money but that makes my projects more valuable from a budget standpoint. Trust me, the Apache is a RADICAL 50s style custom and well worth waiting for.


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