Super-Clean ’27 T-Bucket Roadster at Buckethead Bash

While my personal preference for T-Buckets is more toward the 1915 through 1923 versions, my love of the genre encompasses them all. I really had to stop and inspect further this immaculate 1927 T-Bucket roadster on display at the 2010 Buckethead Bash in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The dramatic blue paint and graphics were perfectly complemented by the chrome reversed wheels with baby moons and wide whitewalls.
Side View 1927 T-Bucket Roadster at Buckethead Bash
After inspecting this beauty further, I came to the realization that it was built by Spirit Industries, the Bash organizer. Overall, their T-Buckets just get cleaner and better looking all the time. Must be a commitment to continuous improvement that’s working quite well for them, given their significant new facilities expansion. (Sorry I didn’t have the time to get there for a tour. Maybe next time I’m down that way).
Front View 1927 T-Bucket Roadster at Buckethead Bash
Just as clean and nice as it was on the outside, the interior was something to behold as well (you’ll have to check it out in the video). I really love how a nice white interior so perfectly complements a blue T-Bucket.
Rear View 1927 T-Bucket Roadster at Buckethead Bash
Kudos to Spirit and the owner of this ’27 roadster. It’s a real head turner.

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  1. Always a great day to view old hot rods , T Buckets, Model A’s, any old vintage iron. Who cares how they look, aslong as they start up , and stop when ya hit the brakes.


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