PT Cruiser Street Rod is Chester’s New eBook

“A PT Cruiser street rod? You gotta’ be kidding!,” was my response to Chester Greenhalgh a few months ago. While Chester is the acknowledged expert on low-buck T-Bucket and other hot rod builds, I thought he’d lost it on this one. But, was I ever wrong!

PT Cruiser street rod

This is Chester’s 5th low-budget hot rod “how to” eBook and it’s the most fun and practical one yet.

PT Cruiser Street Rod is a Whole New Approach to Budget Hot Rod Building

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too. How about a 1930s style coupe with 21st Century technology and creature comforts that you can build in less than 6 months on a budget under $3000 (which includes $1500 for a donor car)?

Actually, that’s being conservative because Chester Greenhalgh built his PT Cruiser Coupe for a total of $1614 — including about $100 for a Harbor Freight MIG welder! And he built it in a carport with a bare minimum of tools. You’ve just gotta’ see it to believe it!

Why in the Heck Would You Even THINK About a PT Cruiser Street Rod?

Aside from the fact that it’s a really cool looking street rod, some of the reasons to build your own PT Cruiser Coupe include the following:

  • You can give the PT Cruiser the early ’30s coupe look and style while still keeping all of Detroit’s creature comforts.
  • You would still have your AC, stereo, defrosters, pollution controls, electric windows, rear wiper, washer and defroster, and soft electric seats.
  • You would have a hot rod with modern safety features like air bags, seat belts, back up alarm and anti-lock disc brakes.
  • You would get terrific gas mileage in an age when every penny counts and still have the option to drastically increase the horsepower with bolt-ons.
  • You would have no problems with inspections, insurance or vehicle titling.
  • You won’t have to worry about your wife or 16 year old not being able to or not wanting to drive your street rod if necessary.
  • You could be actually driving your PT Cruiser coupe almost the entire time you’re working on it.

The great thing about building a PT Cruiser street rod is availability. Over 1.4 million PT Cruisers were built over a 10 year span and they are now CHEAP on the used market! In addition, junkyard parts from PTs, Neons, Stratus and other Chrysler products will interchange with your project. You can even find a complete turbocharger on a junkyard PT for a fraction of what you’d pay for it on the aftermarket. The PT Cruiser Coupe can be today’s lowest cost, highest impact hot rod!

So click on the logo below and head on over to our new sister site,, to learn more and grab your copy today!

PT Cruiser Street Rod Coupe

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