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This T-Bucket was built in our two car garage by my boyfriend Arly Hayden. I found the book online by Chester Greenhalgh and being the pack rat he is, Arly started going through the parts list and he had this and that ... we took it to car shows all summer long and brought home numerous trophies. What tickled me most was he beat out some really nice, really expensive cars. The total cost of the build was about $1300 give or take $50 :)

Tara Lubiato

Bought your book a couple of years ago and although I did not follow it to the letter, I did find it very helpful. This is what I just completed. I did almost everything myself with the exception of the seat upholstery. Runs very fast and a lot of fun.

p.s. Already started another one with a completely different theme.

Dave Hiebert

I want to thank Chester. This is my car that was built using his book. I had some creative ideas of my own but stayed true to Chester's plans. Where I live it wasn't easy to find all the parts I needed, so I built my own T-Bucket body out of 2mm steel sheets.  

Marius Mouton

Johannesburg, South Africa

Chester Greenhalgh wrote a book about building a T-Bucket on a budget. The book has developed quite a cult following. Chester hit a home run when he wrote this book, showing the rest of us how to build a T at home for something like 3 or 4 thousand dollars, using commonly available stuff that other folks would overlook.

Richard Moore

Chief Technical Inspector, Firebird International Raceway, 1990-2010


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