How to build your T-Bucket frame and chassis quickly, easily and less expensively!

The frame and chassis are the key components of any T-Bucket — and one of the first places to start when building or rebuilding one.

They can also be one of the major cost components, but you can save a ton building them yourself, especially if you’re doing a T-Bucket, Model A or similar hot rod.

Even if you decide to buy the frame and chassis components you can still save untold time and money if you know in advance how they all come together.

To make it easy, we recommend you check out Bob Hamilton‘s awesome Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction DVD at our website. It’s an essential for most any street rod project.

This 4-1/2 hour instructional DVD covers every aspect of street rod and hot rod frame and chassis construction.

How do you know when you’re getting good, usable information on hot rod chassis building?

Bob Hamilton has spent 50+ years building reliable quality hot rods for himself and others. It’s important to know that for 27 years he taught every facet of auto shop and knows how to clearly communicate and show you just what to do, why and how.

Still not sure? We’ve taken a clip from one of his other DVDs so you can see for yourself how Bob Hamilton shares his practical hot rod building skills and knowledge:

After watching any of Bob’s DVDs you’ll not only learn new skills, but also significantly improve how you look at and address rod building tasks in your own garage. You’ll be able to do them easier, quicker and with much more confidence.

The DVD’s content is massive and comprehensive. You’ll want to see for yourself. Here’s the link to it:

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