TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket Interview Kicks Off Our Podcast!

The enthusiastic reception for the Introductory Episode of our “Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods” Podcast has been very gratifying. Thank you!

But after people endured my droning on in that Introductory Episode it was time for a real payoff with a dynamic first interview. And, boy I think we did it! Hall of fame hot rodder, record-setting drag racer, and T-Bucket pioneer “TV” Tommy Ivo really came through in our interview in Episode 2 of our podcast.

TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket Podcast Episode
You won’t want to miss our Podcast interview with TV Tommy Ivo all about his legendary T-Bucket

Tommy very graciously sat down to share what really motivated him to build a T-Bucket, how he went about locating the parts and building it, and the incredible drag strip successes he had with it. Of course, along the way there were some uniquely TV Tommy exploits and pranks you’ll love hearing about.

TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket

Some people today think building a T-Bucket can be a challenge, but think about what it was like over 60 years ago. With virtually no available information and before there was such a thing as “T-Bucket parts” Tommy built what still exists today as one of the most distinctively beautiful T-Buckets ever built.

TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket Interview

In our TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket interview, you’ll discover some of the secrets of the T’s success on the strip.

TV Tommy Ivo T-Bucket

You’ll also hear about Tommy’s adventures cruising Southern California and venues like Bob’s Big Boy.

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