Don Garlits Reveals What Motivated Him to Change His ’27 T Roadster Into What Became His First Dragster


Yep. Big Daddy Don Garlits first real “rail job” dragster came about after he removed the body from his 1927 T roadster, grafted on half another Model T frame, and moved his seating position behind the rear axle.

Don Garlits 1927 T roadster

And we were fortunate to get an interview with Don about how it all came about and paved the way for his becoming the most famous drag racer of all time.

Don Garlits first dragster
Don Garlits 1927 T roadster after removal of body, addition of another Model T frame half and Don moved behind rear axle

Don is the subject of the 20 minute Episode 5 of our Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods Podcast.

Hooked on T-Bucket Hot Rods Podcast

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