T-Bucket Upholstery on a Budget

If there’s one subject in the realm of T-Bucket building that’s been lacking in useful information it’s how to do your own T-Bucket upholstery, especially on a budget.

As small as a T-Bucket cockpit is, it’s not unusual for upholstery quotes to run from $1000 way on up. That’s no knock on upholsterers. It’s just the economics of a shrinking specialty industry. Back in the 1950s and 60s if one didn’t use seat covers (remember them?) it was fairly common to have car seats reupholstered. So few of those specialists still exist and it’s such a niche business today there’s little incentive for someone to enter it. Which leads us to the hot rodder’s standby “do it yourself”.

T-Bucket Upholstery
Bob Hamilton’s 1927 T roadster with his beautiful, low cost tuck and roll interior that he now shows you how to do it yourself.

Fortunately, our street rod building friend Bob Hamilton has put together literally everything you need to know about doing your own T-Bucket upholstery in this huge new 5-1/2 hour, 4-DVD set Basic Hot Rod Upholstery.

T-Bucket upholstery
You get a whopping 5-1/2 hours of practical how to do it street rod upholstery instruction, tips and tricks in this big 4-DVD set. All at the introductory price of only $19.99.

And you’re not going to have to go out and spend a fortune for tools and equipment. You see, Bob’s been doing his own street rod upholstery for over two decades and in this big DVD package he clues you in on what he’s learned the hard way so that you can avoid novice disasters and do your own street rod upholstery you’ll truly be proud of. Heck, you might even develop a nice sideline doing upholstery for friends.

So, Click Here to go to our sister site StreetRodPlans.com for yours. This’ll be the best twenty buck investment you’ve made in your street rod adventures with all of the valuable information, tips and tricks you’ll enjoy watching and putting to practical use right away.

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