T-Bucket Build Mastery: Compare and Contrast

Every T-Bucket build should be personal. Personal, in that it fulfills the vision of the T-Bucket builder. That’s you!

You don’t have to settle for what’s being offered on the market. That’s the beauty of a T-Bucket build. The basic design is so simple that you can customize it to suit your own requirements and taste.

T-Bucket build
John Eplen’s unique T-Bucket build features a custom tubular frame and Jaguar IRS.

But wait, you say. I’m just a hobbyist building a T-Bucket in my home garage. I’m not an automotive engineer or mechanic. Not to worry. Think of a T-Bucket like a big Lego set where you put together different standard configurations into thousands of variations of combined components. And you do that simply through the process of compare and contrast.

When you compare two things you ask yourself, “How are these things alike?”

When you contrast two things you ask yourself, “How are these things different?”

T-Bucket build
Jerry Chenot’s custom T-Bucket build features an extended body and lengthened stainless steel frame to match.

How to Customize Your T-Bucket Build

What you want to do is start gathering a collection of different T-Bucket plans. Sure, that sounds like a self-serving statement coming from a site that sells T-Bucket plans, but that’s the easy way to do it. And that’s why we offer a variety of plans. If everybody built a T-Bucket just following Chester Greenhalgh’s “How to Build a T-Bucket for Under $3000” it wouldn’t be as exciting as the T-Bucket build world is today. Same goes if everybody who built a T-Bucket used the CCR T-Bucket Chassis Plans.

For example, maybe you like the tapered front frame rails in the Youngster Free T-Bucket Chassis Plans. And maybe you’ve latched onto an Econoline front axle assembly you’d like to use as Chester shows how in his plans. And maybe a friend gave you a great deal on a Jaguar independent rear suspension that you want to use like is shown in the CCR plans. All you have to do is take some time to compare and contrast the different plans and then you can come up with your own personal version.

T-Bucket build
Emerson and BJ Sutton enjoy a smooth independent front suspension ride with the T-Bucket build they chose.

Once you start viewing a variety of T-Bucket plans you’ll see an incredible opportunity to mix and match components. This spring perch and that batwing design. Rear coil-over shocks or quarter elliptic leaf springs? Higher rear frame kickup or none? Steering shaft through the firewall or straight up from the floor? Firewall or frame mounted foot pedals? The possibilities are endless and that, my friend, is what makes it possible for virtually every T-Bucket build to be different.

The more plans you see, the more possibilities you have. And be sure to send us some pics of your own unique T-Bucket build. We’ll try to share them for others’ inspiration.

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