1927 T-Bucket Roadster Project: Part 18, T Bucket Electric Fan Mounting

A T Bucket electric fan mount sounds simple, but you really want to ensure that one day your fan blades don’t eat up that nice radiator. You’ll learn how to do it the right way in this latest installment in our Bob Hamilton ’27 T roadster building series. This is just a highlight, because Bob covers electric fan mounting in more detail in the very informative StreetRod 101 DVD Library available at our sister site, StreetRodPlans.com.

Here’s Bob’s latest installment in his ’27 T roadster build.

How to Do T Bucket Electric Fan Mounting

“Now it is time to get the 1927 T Bucket electric fan mounted to the radiator. I always start by using a piece of 1/8th by 1 inch wide flat bar and then mount it to the grille shell mounting tabs on the radiator. The holes are drilled and tapped 1/4 -20 in the flat bar and 1/4 inch holes drilled in the aluminum mounting tabs. The expansion tank (overflow) is then mounted using 1/4 -20 holes drilled and tapped in the flat bar.”

T Bucket electric fan

“Depending on which radiator manufacturer I use and which fan is selected, it will determine how the brackets will be made to mount the fan to the 1/8th inch flat bar on the sides. This one worked out quite well and only required a hole on one end – drilled and tapped 1/4 -20 and an angle cut on the other. I weld both on the top and inside the bracket so that the outside can be radiused and still have lots of strength from the inside. This is done with all four mounting brackets and with the supplied hold down that comes with the fan, bolted together with a 1/4 – 20 bolt. Final assembly will use blue Loctite and an SAE 1/4 flat washer.”

T Bucket electric fan

“This is another shot showing the right side mount.”

T Bucket electric fan

“Here is a standup shot with the flat bar and expansion tank – overflow tank, in position. These are pretty straightforward and come together very nicely. I usually finish the mounting bracket with urethane primer, glazing putty, and final color to make them look more professional. You could also use spray can gloss black and it would also look ok. It’s all about personal choice. The two drilled and tapped holes showing, in the flat bar, are for mounting the grill shell to the radiator.”

T Bucket electric fan

That wraps up the latest installment in our 1927 T roadster building series. It’s just a taste of the kind of terrific hot rod building information Bob Hamilton makes available in the comprehensive StreetRod 101 DVD Library we’re proud to make available through our sister website, StreetRodPlans.com.

StreetRod 101 DVDs
Collect the complete StreetRod 101 DVD Library: available at our sister site, www.StreetRodPlans.com

Be sure to visit there to check out all the incredible hot rod building detail these great DVDs cover.

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