Supercharged, Red T-Bucket Video

As promised in my earlier post about the Crazy T’s of Northern Illinois 2009 Car Show, this is the first in what will be a series of video posts on T-Buckets at the show that I particularly liked for one reason or another.

Here is a very nicely done Total Performance based T-bucket I saw at the Crazy T’s show with a great looking supercharged small block Chevy and cool 12-spoke front wheels with disc brakes. The chromed T grille shell also catches your eye, compared to the painted versions on most buckets.

In case you’re curious why I say it’s a Total Performance T-Bucket, I’ll pass along some of my identification hints. Most Total T’s have a distinctive front suspension that’s easily recognized by the friction shocks running parallel to the frame and connected to the axle, the radius rods which are straight on top and bent on the bottom, and the tie rod positioned above and in front of the axle.

In addition, this particular Total Performance T-Bucket is an earlier build because of the vertical rear coil springs. Newer versions used coil-over-shock assemblies.

By the way, if you know or are the owner of this T-Bucket please comment so that you can claim proper credit. (Only more recently did I get a clue and start videoing the window i.d. tags when at shows).

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