Hot Rod Magazine’s T-Bucket Project Car

Hot Rod Magazine T-Bucket Project Car
Hot Rod design legend Thom Taylor pitches in with wiring on the new Hot Rod magazine Speedway Motors T-Bucket project car.

I was a bit premature back in April, 2011, when I posted that Hot Rod Magazine’s Next Project Car is a T-Bucket. But now it’s a reality and you can learn more about the Speedway Motors T-Bucket they’re building on Hot Rod’s Blog.

Previously, I let my enthusiasm get the best of me in seeing David Freiburger’s post of a T-Bucket mock-up pic, which turned out to be a ‘glass body, some steel tubing, a small block engine and a couple wheels and tires. But he was true to his word and now it’s a reality that we’ll look forward to following with much interest in the pages of Hot Rod, as well as online.

David Freiburger's Facebook post about a Hot Rod mag T-Bucket project
David Freiburger’s April, 2011 Facebook post about a Hot Rod mag T-Bucket project.

It’s very appropriate that the oldest magazine devoted to the sport, Hot Rod, introduced us to The World’s First Fiberglass T-Bucket Hot Rod (Buzz Pitzen’s “Glass Image”) over 50 years ago and is now building the traditional looking fiberglass-bodied Speedway Motors Tribute T, produced by “America’s Oldest Speed Shop”.

This is very exciting in the T-Bucket world and we will do our best to keep you updated — and be sure your Hot Rod subscription’s current because you won’t want to miss this.

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  1. any news on this projec? i can’t make heads or tails of the hrm blog. i haven’t looked at the latest sue either… are they covering it in print too?


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