Let’s See Your T! Show Us Your T-Bucket!

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Let’s See Your T!

We love T-Buckets in ALL their variations and we’re happy to share yours with the world’s other T-Bucket lovers.

So, send us some pics and info and we’ll take care of the rest.

What we’re interested in:

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  • We’re looking for T’s (i.e., from 1915 to 1927 bodies), but they’re not limited to Fords (there are some great Dodge-buckets out there, as well as others).
  • Heck, we’ll even consider Austin Bantams and such, as long as they have the general T-Bucket look.
  • C-Cabs and Tourings are welcome.
  • But, we do have some limitations: no coupes or sedans, Model A’s, Deuces, etc.
  • We don’t care if it’s a traditional-T, fad-T, T-Bucket, Bucket-T,  rat-T, mini-T,  hot rod, street rod, custom, daily driver, competition vehicle, or whatever.
  • If it’s your T-Bucket and you’re proud of it – that’s good enough for us.


What to include when you send:

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  • Your first and last name
  • Your city and state (and country, if outside the US)
  • Year of your T (i.e., ’15, ’23, ’26 — you get it)
  • At least four (4) photos; ideally different views
  • A brief story about your T. Tell us about anything you like. For instance: how you built it, bought it or found it; what’s unique or interesting about it; what you’ve done to it, etc.


Where to send it:

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What we’ll do:

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  • We’ll periodically select ones to be featured on our website and will try to include them all, depending on volume of responses, time available to work on them, etc.
  • We will also post select photos on our page at Facebook.com/TBucketPlans
  • We may post select photos on Pinterest and other social media
  • In essence, we want to give you and your T as much exposure as possible.


PLEASE NOTE: TBucketPlans.com reserves the right not to post your T-Bucket if you did not provide the information above or if your photos are too small, blurry, bad or for some other reason we find them unsuitable.  Ultimately, the decision what to feature or post is ours.


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