Happy T-Bucket Thanksgiving Wishes

At this time of year, there’s only one thing on Chester Greenhalgh‘s mind — and it ain’t T-Bucket hot rods. When we stop and give thanks, Chester and John at TBucketPlans.com sincerely want to thank all of our many visitors worldwide, the many purchasers of Chester’s T-Bucket book and his new Hot Rod Truck book, as well as everyone who has taken the opportunity to download the Youngster Free T-Bucket Frame Plans.

Why not take a moment to post and tell us what you’re thankful for in your hot rod world at this time of year?

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2 thoughts on “Happy T-Bucket Thanksgiving Wishes”

  1. Chester sends his best to you and yours also, Ronnie.
    It’s great T-Bucket plan customers like you that keep us inspired to continue adding informative and fun content here at TBucketPlans.com.
    Thanks again,


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