Happy Birthday, Model T Ford: Born October 1, 1908

Model T Ford 1908 Life magazine ad
Model T Ford 1908 Life magazine ad

There would be no T-Buckets today if it were not for this momentous day 102 years ago. October 1, 1908 is marked as the birthday of perhaps the greatest singular automotive creation, the Ford Model T. Ford’s gift to the world, brought a revolution in the automobile industry. It was the perfect combination of low price, technology and style.

With its four-cylinder engine, magneto ignition, and planetary transmission, the car was an instant hit and demand soared. To catch up with the demand, Henry Ford introduced a new plant for the “Tin Lizzie” in 1913, which had the capacity of producing one car every 93 minutes, compared to the earlier production rate of one car in 728 minutes. The mass production of this car went on until 1927, at which time 15 million model T’s had been produced.

Ford Model T cost $850 in 1908 and with the introduction of Ford’s “assembly line” production the price dropped to $300 in 1927.

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