Fiberglass Body Floor Installation

A frequent question in T-Bucket building is “how do you install a fiberglass body floor?”

fiberglass body floor installation t-bucket

Of course, Chester Greenhalgh covers T-Bucket fiberglass body floor installation in great detail in How to Build a T-Bucket for Under $3000.

fiberglass body floor installation t-bucket how to

However, Chester shows how to do it in the most straightforward, economic way. But some builders want to know what to do if they’re installing the floor in an unchanneled T-Bucket body. Of maybe the body they have is just a bit different from your standard ’23 T.

fiberglass body floor how to

More often, though, we hear from builders curious about how to precisely install the best looking fiberglass body floor and want more info on the fiberglassing techniques used. Or perhaps they want to finish the bottom of the floor so that it will not only look good from underneath but also offer the best protection and longevity.

fiberglass body floor underside how to

Well, if you’d like to learn how to build and finish off that perfect fiberglass body floor, here’s our Happy New Year treat for you.

View this free 10 min. Fiberglass Body Floor Installation video

This video clip was taken from Bob Hamilton‘s info-packed Fiberglass Body Modifications 3-DVD Set available at our sister site

If you’re not among the many who’ve already acquired the now 5-volume StreetRod 101 DVD Library this video clip will give you an idea of the kind of precise, helpful information you’ll receive to make your own build go quicker, smoother and more economically.

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