Chester Greenhalgh Budget Hot Rod How-To Genius, R.I.P.

I was out of the country a week ago and my phone rang near midnight. Sadly, I learned that my friend Chester Greenhalgh, whose work was the basis for this website, had passed.

13 years ago, I blogged about the undiscovered genius of Chester Greenhalgh who had written the then out-of-print “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000” and not long after I developed a friendship with Chester which led to our partnership in marketing the eBook version of his legendary work and then onto four other hot rod “how to” eBooks that he has written. Chester is truly the savior of the budget conscious hot rodder and all of his eBooks show how anyone can build a fun, cool-looking rod themselves at home with minimal cash outlay.

18 months ago, I posted that Chester had contracted COVID-19 and unfortunately he never really recovered. His health got progressively worse to the point that he couldn’t stand up on his own the past few months and last week he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Chester spent his life working hard, whether it was building budget hot rods or going all over the country doing golf course construction work. A Vietnam veteran, Chester was a low-key guy who liked to keep busy by working on the things he loved. That made the past year and a half especially hard for him.

If you’ve enjoyed any of Chester’s 5 hot rod how-to eBooks, I’d like to ask you to join me in helping Chester’s widow, Paulina, who lovingly took care of him the past 18 months. She’s facing funeral and other expenses with Chester’s passing that could be devastating to her. I’ve set up a GoFundMe for Chester’s widow, Paulina and any donation you can make, no matter how small, will be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Chester Greenhalgh budget hot rod

Please click here for the GoFundMe page and please also feel free to leave your comments below about how Chester may have had some impression on you through his how-to hot rod works.

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8 thoughts on “Chester Greenhalgh Budget Hot Rod How-To Genius, R.I.P.”

  1. Sorry to hear about his passing. Just happened to realize that his widow should be eligible for survivor’s benefits due to his Social Security benefits. Do not know what it will take for her to claim it because of her location in Mexico. But it should be investigated.

  2. Sorry to hear of Chester’s passing. I know he has had a great influence and true help for a large number of folk who could only build one of these cool Rods, on a tighter budget. It’s so obvious this man had a good heart. Bill

  3. Sad to read and know about Chester has passed. I’ve been read free books of T-buket books plans, but here in Brazil we dont have many engines or other components to build a T-buket. But the Dreams never dead. Some day I will built my own hotrod. Rest in Peace Chester.

  4. Another loss, the godfather of the working man’s T bucket. I have the online addition of his book and have read it religiously. As much as I want to build a bucket, it’s not in the is I cannot weld and secondly I just do not fit in one. Can hardly fit in the cab of my 49 Chevy truck. But if ever I learn to weld or shrink a foot I will be building with
    Chesters book beside me on the bench.
    So sorry for everyone’s loss.

  5. Sad to hear of Chester’s passing.
    His books and encouragement led to a lot of dreams coming true.
    Strange but I was just thinking about him just the other day and wondering of his health.
    Be strong Paulina. God is lifting him up.

  6. Really sorry to hear the news.
    Chester’s hot rod for $3000 book really helped me out.
    I was out of work for a while due to a back injury. While laid up I was looking for a project to work on when I got better. It got me totally exited i bought the steel tubing a week later.
    The hot rod is finished now and I could not have done it without Chester’s instructions.


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