At Last … Really Good T-Bucket Music!

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I’ve previously lamented the fact that the only T-Bucket themed song of which I was aware was the silly 1960s “Bucket T“, which had been recorded by no less than Jan & Dean, The Who and Ronny and the Daytonas. Man, groups sure were hard up back then to record any hot rod themed song!

So, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a group from Duluth, Minnesota by the name of The Fractals had just released a new CD titled, “Death by Fender” featuring a track called “My T-Bucket”. Then, one day they uploaded that track on their MySpace page and when I heard it was I ever excited. Finally, after almost five decades, a really good rockin’ tune about the cars we love! If you don’t believe me, turn on your speakers and click here.

And I can honestly say that the super-cool image The Fractals chose to associate with the “My T-Bucket” track was purely coincidental. Talk about a double surprise! So, I ordered by “Death by Fender” CD and it came in the mail tonight — I can’t wait for the commute to work in the a.m. If you’re a T-Bucket lover, you’ll be happy you added this CD to your collection. (Tell ’em sent you. No, we don’t get a commission).

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2 thoughts on “At Last … Really Good T-Bucket Music!”

  1. Thanks fir the kind words! 🙂
    We play a lot of car shows around the area, sometimes as The Fractals and occasionally as The Hoot Owls (with a different drummer). If you enjoy car songs you may also enjoy the Hoot Owls ‘Alien Scrapyard’ CD. Since Barry wrote all the songs on that album The Fractals often perform them at our shows for fun.
    Three Cheers from The FRACTALs of Duluth!!


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