2010 T-Bucket “Buckethead Bash” Report

A couple months ago, I posted about the 4th Annual T-Bucket “Buckethead Bash” to be held in “beautiful” Mountain Home, Arkansas. I’m not just tossing the adjective beautiful around. The drive to Mountain Home is almost as enjoyable as the “bash” itself. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this photo I snapped out of my car window a few years ago on another trip to see T-Buckets in Mountain Home. Take the backroads in Arkansas and Missouri and you’ll see plenty more sites like this.
Mountain Home T-Bucket bash scenery
So, after not being able to make it to the NTBA Nationals, I suffered all the T-Bucket withdrawal I could and decided on short notice to make the bash journey. I must say that it was worth it. This year, I only caught the Saturday show ‘n shine so can’t report on the almost week long agenda of other events. But, this year at the Baxter County Fairgrounds they had about 50 nice T-Buckets for everyone’s viewing pleasure — to say nothing of the bucket-building ideas that were in abundance among those participating. Here’s a little video I put together from a couple hundred pics. If you weren’t able to be there, I hope you enjoy it.

Over the next few days, I’ll upload a couple of actual videos I took of T-Buckets there that I thought had particularly interesting features. I’ll maybe even do a post or two with pics and commentary on a few of the others that really caught my attention. Overall, an enjoyable experience. If you were there, too, let us know what you thought about the overall experience or found interesting.

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