What You Can Learn from an Engineer Like Kerry Smith About Building a T-Bucket

This podcast interview with Kerry Smith is the perfect accompaniment to our lengthy story and pics about how he blended traditional and high tech into a totally unique T-Bucket.

Potvin Supercharger T-Bucket Kerry Smith

You’ll find the interview fascinating to hear how Kerry approaches things simultaneously with the mind of an engineer and the practicality of a hot rodder.

Kerry Smith Potvin T-Bucket

No matter what your T-Bucket interests, you’ll find some interesting tips from Kerry in this interview. Click here to go to the Podcast episode>

You can listen to it online or on your smartphone.

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  1. John, After episode #6 and the 5 DVD special I purchased, I have not seen any more interviews with any of the “old guard”! What happened…did I fall thru the cracks of my email ? Just wondering. George.


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