Top New T-Bucket Videos, 2/22/13


T-Bucket hot rod fans have shown us that they love good T-Bucket videos and each week we highlight the best new ones for you. These videos can range from glamour shots of someone's T-Bucket they're proud of or may have for sale, action shots of TBuckets racing or cruising, and even videos that focus on the startup or running of a special hot engine in a T-Bucket.


Ford 6 Cylinder Turbo 1927 T-Bucket Hot Rod at New South Wales, Australia Pro Burnouts 2013

You won't believe it when you see the absolutely wild burnouts produced with the exceptional low-end torque of that turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. What's great is that this isn't just a static, in-place burnout. And, you get to see two of them. Please leave a comment below if you'd like to see more videos like this in the future.


OMG! Bad A** '23 T-Bucket Roadster, Insane Blower Motor with 3 Carbs and Zoomies. WOW!

According to the person who shot the video, "This has to be one of the Wildest Bucket T Roadsters you will ever see!" I'm sure you've probably seen photos on the Internet of this dramatic-looking T. Personally, I'd rather hear that blown engine running rather than the music track, but you can't have everything. If you know more about this particular T, please post a comment below because I'm curious to find out more.


1926 T-Bucket

For you '26 and '27 T fans, as well as rat rod lovers, you'll enjoy this great looking and sounding T. Plus, I noted on the back that it's for sale. So, if this one's yours or you know who has it for sale, post a comment below and help spread the word. Can't imagine this one will be on the market long. It's a great little hot rod.

We hope you enjoyed this week's Top New T-Bucket Videos. We'll try to make this a regular feature at and hopefully we'll be able to spotlight truly NEW T-Bucket videos each week — not the ones you've already seen half a dozen times. So, if you have some nice T-Bucket videos you haven't posted yet to YouTube now's your chance. We'll be looking for them and ready to spread the word to all the other T-Bucket hot rod lovers.

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  1. well John, you can’t be all that much of a T bucket fanatic because the bucket above , doing the burnouts with the turbo six is not a 27 or even a 26. Has to be pre 26 because of the body style.


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