Budget T-Bucket: Everything You Need to Know

Budget T-Bucket Build Plans

TBucketPlans.com is the source for everything you need to know to build a T-Bucket on a budget. Here’s why:

  • The ‘Youngster’ Free T-Bucket Frame Plans

    To get you started, our free gift to you is a copy of the late Ron Young‘s highly regarded T-Bucket frame plans. In these Bucket T plans, Ron shows how to build tapered frame rails for a more clean look that blends with the front crossmember tube. Not every T-Bucket builder will want to go to the extra time and effort to build tapered rails, but it’s nice to know it is just one of your options in building a budget T-Bucket. Ron also shows how to set up a budget T-Bucket chassis using a straight front axle and conventional rear end, both using the tried and true transverse buggy spring suspension. To download your free copy, click here>

  • The California Custom Roadster (CCR) T-Bucket Chassis Plans

    There are some T-Buckets that are nice looking and some that have a certain elegant, more well-designed and finished look and you’ll usually find a California Custom Roadster designed chassis under the latter. With a reputation going back to the 1970s as the plans that produce not only a beautiful, but also a rugged chassis, the CCR T-Bucket Chassis Plans are incredibly detailed with many illustrations and full-size templates to enable you to build your own professional-looking T-Bucket chassis on a budget. Plus, they also include detail for building your T-Bucket on a budget with either a buggy spring or coil-over-shock rear end. And, if you are truly adventurous, the CCR T-Bucket Chassis Plans also include templates and details for mounting a classic Jaguar independent rear suspension to give your T-Bucket not only a great ride but the most eye appeal possible. To learn more about and download the CCR T-Bucket Chassis Plans, click here>

  • How to Build a T-Bucket Hot Rod Roadster for Under $3000

    This is truly the Encyclopedia of How to Build a T-Bucket because it covers EVERYTHING: reinforcing the fiberglass body, building a windshield frame, installing the floor, building a pickup box, economic radiator alternatives, dashboard, seat, battery box, shortened driveshaft — you name it, it’s covered. All with an emphasis on budget T-Bucket building. There’s a good reason whey people were paying $200 a copy for this legendary book when it went out of print: the money they can save by following its plans! We’re happy to have worked with the author, Chester Greenhalgh, to bring out the new, revised digital edition so everyone can be confident they’re not wasting money on their T-Bucket build. To learn more, see everything that’s covered in detail and download your own copy, click here>

  • The Nostalgic Bird T-Bucket Kit Plans

    Anyone who picked up a hot rod related magazine in the 60s or 70s fondly remembers the Bird Engineering and Bird Automotive T-Bucket kits that were offered for $10 down and $9 a month. Bird also produced plans to build your own T-Bucket, whether or not you chose to buy one of their kits. They had some pretty unique features, too, like using 8 gauge flat steel to form the frame or using the spindles and brakes from ’49-’53 Fords to make your own straight axle. Our authorized reproduction of the Bird T-Bucket plans is full of money-saving ideas and also features copies of most of the popular Bird T-Bucket ads from back in the day. To learn more and download your own copy, click here>


  • Our T-Bucket Blog

    To round things out, our T-Bucket Blog features over 200 posts on T-Bucket history, events, construction tips, videos, featured T-Buckets and thousands of photos for inspiration and guidance in your budget T-Bucket build. Plus, we keep adding to it. To start reviewing our many, many Blog posts, click here>

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