Crazy T’s of Northern Illinois 2009 Car Show

black primered, bobtail T-bucket with piecrust slicks

In August, 2009, I attended the Second Annual Crazy T’s of Northern Illinois Car Show benefitting Mooseheart Child City & School. The show is growing nicely and is not limited to T-buckets. Overall, there were close to 25 T-buckets there encompassing a wide variety of builds. Quite a few Total Performance and Spirit Industries based… [Read More]

The “Gumball Machine” T-Bucket

Gumball Machine T-Bucket at Buckethead Bash

I’m a sucker for the late 60s/early 70s psychedelic T-Bucket paint jobs, which incorporated panels, fogs, fades, bursts, lace, cobwebs, ribbons, stripes, murals, etc. in flakes, pearls and candies

2010 Buckethead Bash for T-Bucket Fans

If you just can’t get enough T-Buckets at your local events, may I suggest the the 4th Annual Buckethead Bash in beautiful Mountain Home, Arkansas. The Buckethead Bashes were initiated in 2007 after the National T-Bucket Alliance had held two successful T-Bucket Nationals in Mountain Home and decided to change locations to Arizona. At the… [Read More]