The Speedway Motors T-Bucket Kits Assembly Manual Review

T-Bucket Assembly Manual by Speedway Motors

We thought a brief review of the new Speedway Motors T-Bucket Assembly Manual was in order because not only is it of interest to prospective T-Bucket builders but we’ve also noticed that there is some confusion regarding the publication.

Speedway Motors’ New Tribute T-Bucket: What goes around, comes around

Tribute T Bucket Speedway Motors

First glances will quickly confirm that this T-Bucket kit is quite different from what has become the conventional T-Bucket style that is more reflective of those built in the 60s and 70s. The new “Tribute T” has a clean, lean and …

Every Kid’s Dream: The Red Baron T-Bucket

Red Baron T-Bucket

A lot has been written over the years about the Red Baron T-Bucket, and some recent developments have brought about some interesting new information I’d like to share.